Responsive UX Design : How Do I Make My Documentation Responsive?
How Do I Make My Documentation Responsive?
Anyone can make his/her documentation responsive, though the task is not always easy. Resources such as will give you step by step instructions on how to ensure that your documentation is responsive. However, for technical writers focused on content creation and structure, it is often beneficial to select a publishing tool that automatically yields responsive content in its output. Be careful to make sure you put any publishing tool claiming to produce responsive content to the test before taking its word for it! Thankfully, you can quickly see how your tool’s content performs using a responsive test tool such as: Just supply your URL and then examine the results in each emulated device.
If you choose the right publishing tool, the responsiveness will be inherent to your output, leaving your technical writers to focus on content. You will have one set of content to develop and one set of content to maintain. Through Responsive Design, your published content will create a far more effective user experience.