Power Hour - May 2011

PDFs with XSL-FO - What is ePublisher missing for you?

Today, PDFs have displaced physical, printed documentation. When users state they have a "print requirement", inevitably this translates into "we need to generate PDFs". Print deliverables are the most demanding delivery format in existance. Today, PDFs are changing. They are now most often viewed on iPhone, iPads, laptops, etc. These new viewing devices are far less demanding of PDFs. In this new world, the ability to quickly generate PDFs for archival purposes or quick communication has led to the emergence of XSL-FO, XSL Formatting Objects. XSL-FO is a standards based markup langauage which can be use to generate PDFs.

This session examines the current state of PDF creation using ePublisher's XSL-FO format. Together, we will identify areas in need of improvement while highlighting current capabilities. Special attention will also be paid to use cases for generated PDFs. Are your PDFs being used for review? Final deliverables? Fallbacks for traditional help? Join the discussion and help us better understand your needs.

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