Power Hour - June 2011

DITA Styling - Configuring ePublisher's DITA style mapping

At the beginning of the 21th Century, the technical writing community embarked on an effort to define a new standard for information representation. The result is known as the OASIS DITA standard. This public standard enables companies to share information across departmental and corporate boundaries. The key to such widespread interoperability lies in DITA's approach to structured knowledge representation and extensibility.

This session examines ePublisher's approach to processing DITA content. ePublisher is primarily a style based publishing engine. DITA content is based upon structure. Publishing DITA content effectively means understanding how to map structure to styles. This is especially true for style based formats such as PDF XSL-FO. We will review ePublisher's default style mapping rules, demonstrate how these rules may be customized, and finally show how this capability enables you to have the best of both DITA and ePublisher.

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