Power Hour - August 2011

DITA, DITA, DITA - Exploring your needs

Information architecture challenges organizations who wish to manage complex information. The OASIS DITA standard is a milestone in the relentless quest to improve IA practices and technology. IBM turned an internal project into an opportunity to improve information sharing, reuse, and tooling for everyone. Today, through the efforts of numerous volunteers, OASIS guides the DITA standard forward into the future.

This session explores DITA support on the ePublisher platform. We begin with a guided tour of the ePublisher DITA publishing process. Users learn how DITA structure transforms to style based information, suitable for publishing to a variety of sources. Then, we move on to learn about the challenges and requirements users face in working with DITA+ePublisher in their own organizations. The goal is to identify areas where ePublisher can be improved to meet today's content publishing needs.

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