Power Hour - December 2011

WebWorks Reverb - Moving from WebWorks Help 5.0

Keeping pace with your audience is not an easy task. Twenty years ago, WinHelp was synonymous with online help. Ten years ago, the Internet and HTML brought us Microsoft HTML Help. Later, web help formats optimized for desktop browsers became the norm. Today, your audience accesses content from their desktops, their tablets, their mobile phones. In each case, they desire an experience optimized for their preferred device. In the desktop era, WebWorks Help delivered cross-browser, cross-platform help systems with a familiar interface and top notch features. In the mobile era, WebWorks Reverb takes over where WebWorks Help left off, continuing to deliver a great desktop experience while making mobile device users part of the family.

This session demonstrates how users with existing WebWorks Help projects can migrate to WebWorks Reverb. You will learn that for standard WebWorks Help projects, e.g. those without customizations, moving to WebWorks Reverb is quite simple. Users with complex customizations can learn how Reverb's cleaner design makes it easier than ever to build the help solution your audience demands. Time permitting, we will explore the migration of an existing WebWorks Help customization to WebWorks Reverb.

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