Power Hour - March 2012

Wiki - Native Markup Support

Wikis are great platforms to gather feedback from users and subject matter experts (SMEs). They offer reviewers the ability to leave simple comments or make whole sale changes to content. All of this is possible with the ability to quickly view changes and keep tabs on where folks need the most help. Wikis do come with trade-offs. Many wiki markup languages lack the ability to perform complex layouts (namely tables). The easy out for this problem is to leverage HTML markup instead. The issue is that when using HTML markup, the wiki itself loses insight into the structure of the content it manages.

This session begins with a review of the state of native wiki markup support in ePublisher's wiki formats. This review include discussions of limitations inherent in each supported wiki's markup capabilities. We will then delve into the changes required to support native wiki markup on the MediaWiki server. We will close out with a discussion of possible next steps to improve ePublisher's wiki publishing capabilities.

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