Power Hour - May 2012

Responsive Design - Optimizing the browsing experience for mobile and desktop users

The complexities associated with content delivery continue to expand. In the early days of the web, HTML provided limited layout options, having a browser meant you run either Netscape or Internet Explorer, and advanced multimedia meant animated GIFs. Today, advances in browsers and technology have filled with world with tables, smart-phones, massive desktop screens, and incredible flexibility in how information is displayed. Responsive Design refers to techniques when enable you to empower your content with the ability to consider a user's browsing environment without having to produce multiple versions of you content.

This session presents the concepts involved with Responsive Design and explores various implementation techniques. CSS3 includes powerful media filters which can enable capabilities which previously required custom JavaScript code. We will also review the 2012.1 release of WebWorks Reverb, highlighting where this format takes advantage of Responsive Design techniques to delivery a single deliverable optimized for multiple browser environments.

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