Power Hour - October 2012

ePublisher Development - Exploring the publishing process

Building a successful workflow for your organization requires automation of routine publishing tasks. Tools which enable you to capture custom operations and replicate their behavior on your writers' desktops reduce errors and increase efficiency. ePublisher provides a wealth of formats ready made to reach a broad audience of end users. When you need to specialize your deliverable beyond out-of-box formats, it is time to explore ePublisher's publishing process.

This session takes you on a step by step tour of ePublisher's single-source publishing run-time. You will see how ePublisher is able to blend content from FrameMaker, Word, and DITA sources into a single combined output. You will also learn how to interpret and navigate ePublisher's format definition files to better understand where and how processing is performed. Finally, based on user feedback, we will touch upon other common operations of interest, such as launching external programs and performing regular expression matches.

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