Power Hour - February 2013

XSLT, Part II - Beyond the Basics, Applying to ePublisher

The ePublisher platform relies upon the foundational technologies XML and XSLT. XML knowledge is widespread, with the technology finding use in a variety of products and services. XSLT began life as the blessed method for transforming XML. Given the variety of XML processing options available, many choose to "stay home" and use general purpose scripting tools to perform XML transformations. Those users miss out on the power afforded by XSLT to solve XML processing challenges.

This session continues our exploration of XSLT on the ePublisher platform. We build upon our experiences from the December 2012 Power Hour. We will explore the structure of ePublisher's WIF (WebWorks Intermediate Format) markup. Knowledge of this XML format enables you to create solutions to fit your publishing requirements. We also touch upon the relationship between the ePublisher's Style Designer and XSLT processing.

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