Power Hour - May 2013

XSL-FO - Basic Concepts and Markup

Single-sourcing empowers publishers to deliver content the way their audience likes it. Web and mobile based content rely on well defined standards to create deliverables, namely HTML 3.2, XHTML, CSS, HTML5, EPUB 2.0, etc. Print deliverables are another story. While PDF based content is the de facto standard for print content delivery, methods for producing PDFs vary widely. Workflows exist based on FrameMaker/Word, TeX/LaTeX, HTML+CSS+Extensions, and even PostScript pre-cursors to PDF. The XSL-FO standard was created to enable the production of print based (and even web based) outputs with full respect for print oriented needs.

This session explores the XSL-FO standard. We begin by identifying the differences between XSL-FO and PDF, using that discussion to guide our review of XSL-FO's structure. Topics such as master pages, left/right masters, content flows, and variables will receive attention. Throughout the session, we leverage ePublisher's own XSL-FO format as a guide and tool to help us on our journey.

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