Power Hour - June 2013

PDFs from DITA - Examining the process of DITA to XSL-FO to PDF

DITA defines standards for information architecture, content reuse, and presentation. Using DITA in your organization improves content consistency, enables multiple contributors, and puts you on solid ground to build a localization workflow. The next step is to publish your content. Successful information delivery implies that you provide content as your audience prefers. Understanding how that process works enables you to deliver the right presentation.

This session explores how ePublisher delivers PDF output from your DITA content. ePublisher leverages the XSL-FO standard to leverage DITA's structure with ePublisher's styling prowess. We start with a high-level overview of the process and then drill down into specific areas based on attendee interests. Our goal is to enable experimentation with the PDF - XSL-FO format included in ePublisher.

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