Power Hour - July 2013

ePublisher Hacking Primer - Format Conventions (Pages, Templates, format.wwfmt)

ePublisher's consistent user interface and engine runtime enable flexible, managed publishing workflows. ePublisher Designer provides visual style control while XSL customization enables full control of generated output. Packaging those changes for others is accomplished through ePublisher Stationery. These capabilities can be used independent of ePublisher's own formats. However, most users would like to start from a working format and then specialize it for their particular needs.

This session orients users on the design and structure of ePublisher's built-in formats. The formats share many design attributes as well as coding conventions. Familiarity with these structures enable you to modify processing to suit your needs. The goal is to leverage what ePublisher provides out-of-box with a dash of your own code to deliver unique solutions.

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