Power Hour - August 2013

DITA Debugging - Understanding the ePublisher Log Window

ePublisher enables single-source publishing from DITA, FrameMaker, and Word documents to a variety of output formats. FrameMaker and Word can be customized to meet user needs and then used transparently in conjunction with ePublisher. DITA offers exceptional flexibility, though this flexibility can come with a cost. In general, ePublisher users publish DITA content without delving into the gritty details of DITA processing. Those users who specialize DITA topics and customize default styling will need to interact with ePublisher at the DITA-OT (DITA Open Toolkit) level. Here, the full power of both DITA and ePublisher are exposed.

This session demonstrates how ePublisher's processing log can be used to resolve low-level DITA processing errors. This technique is useful when adding support to ePublisher for custom DITA specializations or modifying ePublisher styling. Attendees will also learn how to execute DITA-OT operations while leveraging ePublisher's flexible resource resolution capabilities.

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