Power Hour - December 2013

Images - Optimizing for online and print

Clear technical communication involves more than words. Presenting information in graphical form, diagrams or screenshots, can guide users on the right path and reduce tech support burdens. Single-source publishing is successful when content is optimally packages for each desired format type. PDFs often require high-resolution images for print (300-600dpi), while online documentation dictates lower resolutions (96dpi) to ensure fast load times and minimal bandwidth usage.

This session identifies techniques to optimize images for online and print both within source content and within ePublisher. Source content offers the most flexibility at the cost of management. ePublisher can automate many routine image transformation tasks with a, small, cost to quality. Finding the right sweet spot for your content requires consideration of your authoring environment, workflow, and delivery methods. Discussion will focus on your current methodology and ways to achieve your publishing goals.

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