Power Hour - April 2014

ePUB - Understanding eBooks (2.0 and 3.0)

Quick! How would you rather relax on a cold, rainy day? Would you prefer to spend it reading websites from a laptop or sipping tea while flipping pages in a book? Most of us would choose the book. However, these days, we'd like our ever present smartphones and tablets to afford us the option to read anytime, anywhere. The goal of the ePUB book format is to give us an experience optimized for those moments.

This session delves into the history and details of the ePUB format. We'll examine earlier attempts to define a universal eBook standard, marvel at the accomplishment that is the ePUB 2.0 standard, and hang our heads in sadness at the state of ePUB 3.0 in the world. Along the way, we'll see that optimizing content for a long-form reading experience presents its own unique challenges.

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