Power Hour - June 2014

WebWorks Reverb - Migrating WebWorks Help Skins

The rise of the Internet changed user expectations for information access. Content, once locked away in arcane file formats and accessed by proprietary help viewers, became readily accessible via any web browser. Companies working to meet user expectations, needed a way to deliver help content on both user desktops and public web servers. WebWorks Help was crafted to meet this need, delivering a full help viewer experience in any available web browser. Years later, the iPhone and iPad drove demand for mobile access. WebWorks Help was not optimized for this new mobile world, so WebWorks created Reverb. WebWorks Reverb extends your content's reach to include desktops, web sites, and mobile devices.

This session guides users who are migrating from existing WebWorks Help projects to WebWorks Reverb. We discuss design changes made for WebWorks Reverb which support mobile devices and speed information delivery. With a solid understand of Reverb's basic design, we review techniques for replicating common WebWorks Help customizations in WebWorks Reverb.

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