Support Policy - How Cases Work

What support plans are available? offers a full line of support programs to meet your needs.

How does support work? provides users with a web-based support portal to enable close collaboration between end-users and staff. This system enables to easily route cases between Support, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, and Development. This holistic approach to case management ensures all cases are handled appropriately regardless of issue complexity.

You can use you the Support Login to access your account at anytime to:

  • Review solutions to past cases.
  • Submit new cases.
  • Track case progress.
  • Interact with Support staff.

NOTE: Phone and remote assistance support will be provided if deemed necessary by staff.

How do I open a Support Case?

You can get started using our suppport system in just three easy steps:

  1. Request a support login.
  2. Check your email for your support log-in information (sent within one (1) business day).
  3. Log on to the Support Login.

What is a support case?

A support case is:

  • An installation issue
  • A question on product features and functions
  • A repeatable, demonstrable product defect
  • Output format-specific features
  • Documentation-related issues
  • Upgrade or update conflicts
  • XSL and JavaScript modifications provided by staff or through published materials

You may open multiple support cases, though support only tracks two (2) active cases per user. To provide customers with the most efficient service, we request that each support case contain a single issue.

Are custom code changes supported?

The following are specifically excluded from coverage under our standard support option:

  • Creation and modification of custom formats.
  • Modification to projects completed by our WebWorks Services Team.
  • Technical Reference Guide, knowledge base, and selected content from the WebWorks Wiki

When can I expect my case to be resolved?

Cases are handled on a first-come, first-served basis, within their defined Support Program. We do work hard to resolve all cases as quickly as possible. However, no two cases are just alike. More complex cases require additional time and may often require staff with specialized experience to resolve. Our goal is to keep you informed as your case moves through our system so that you can plan accordingly.

Issue Type

First Response
Product Usage
Developer Level
Product Defect

Expected Resolution Timeframe

ExpectedOne (1) business day.
ExpectedOne to Two (1-2) business days.
ExpectedOne to Two (1-2) business days.
ExpectedTwo to Five (2-5) business days.
ExpectedTwo to Ten (2-10) business days.
ExpectedOne to Two (1-2) quarters*

*(intermediate patches made available sooner if possible).

How long can I keep a case open?

Cases remain open as long as they are considered active. A case is considered inactive once it has been awaiting customer feedback for five business days or more. Cases inactive for ten business days or more are marked closed with case reason closed due to inactivity. Support will notify customers via email when a case has become inactive.

Issue Type

Closed due to inactivity


Last customer response less than 5 business days.
Last customer response more than 5 business days.
Last customer response more than 10 business days.

Can I reopen a closed case?

Yes! To activate a closed case, locate your case under Closed Cases and leave a comment. Your comment will trigger a notification in our system and reactive your case.

Which versions are supported?

The ongoing WebWorks policy is to support the current release, plus any version released in a time window dating back two (2) years from the current release. When a version is declared to have reached "end of life" (EOL) status it will be announced on this website, and in THE WORKS newsletter. Support for that version will continue for three (3) months after the EOL announcment.

Please refer to the complete ePublisher Platform version history to determine your product version's EOL status.

Where can I submit a feature request?

Feature requests may be submitted through the Support Login or via the WebWorks Wiki. Enhancement requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis for consideration in future product releases.

Do you support WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition?

WebWorks Publisher Standard 8.x support is offered through Adobe Systems.