2008.1.a April Patch


HOW TO: Installing ePublisher patches

Release patches are available by request only and are not recommended for most users, unless you have a known issue listed on this page or are directed by someone from our technical support staff. Our goal with patches is not to introduce new behavior; instead it is to address issues that (so far) affect ownly a limited number of users. The result is that there is less effort for most users.
Also, understand that patches are handled differently from new releases. New release notifications will be emailed directly to registered users as soon as they are available for download, and they will not require a request.

Users can verify the correct build number by consulting the ePublisher 2008 release schedule.

Contact us at info@webworks.com if you encounter issues.

Fixed Issues

Defect Number Description Workaround Status
Fatal error in Variables dialog

If you open the Variables window and click on some of the fields, you may occasionally get a fatal application error. Specifically, this is caused when you click a field to highlight the text, move the mouse away from that field, and then return to the selected field without clicking anywhere else. This also affects the Conditions window in the same way. Note that this issue has been confirmed in ePublisher 9.3, so it is not new to this release.
To avoid this problem for now, be sure to save your project before opening the Variables dialog. When adjusting Variable values, be sure to click elsewhere before returning with the mouse to a field that is selected. Fixed
WebWorks ePublisher Pro and ePublisher Express cannot be open simultaneously

If ePublisher Pro is open, and you try to launch ePublisher Express--either from a shortcut or by opening a WRP project--the operation will fail. The ePublisher Pro instance may flash in the task bar, or you may get a "UI thread" error.
When switching from design mode in ePublisher Pro to production in ePublisher Express (or vice versa), just close one before opening the other, and everything should work as expected. Fixed
Eval and Expired keys used when Non-eval and Non-expired keys available

ePublisher should try to use the "best" key available.
  1. Non-eval, unexpired, valid keys
  2. Unexpired, valid keys
  3. Valid keys
Then, and only then, should users receive "expired" notices or evaluation behavior.
Remove expired and unnecessary evaluation keys Fixed
FrameMaker 8 "cannot connect" due to missing plug-in

ePublisher fails to install the FrameMaker 8 plug-in if FrameMaker 8 is not the default FrameMaker application on the system (usually, the only FrameMaker on the system).
Manually copy "WebWorks.FrameMaker.Client.dll" from the application "Adapters\FrameMaker" into the FrameMaker "fminit\Plugins" directory. Fixed
DITA footnotes "lost in translation"

DITA topics containing <fn> " topic/fn " elements are not processed as notes.
None. Fixed
Improper handling of DITA-OT failures

  1. DOS batch files which drive DITA-OT operations do not report accurate error codes.
  2. Target files not removed before generation, leading to inconsistent and/or incomplete WIF generation.
Select "Regenerate All" and/or delete the project "Data" folder. Fixed

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