ePublisher 2008.1 Release Notes

ePublisher Q1 2008 Release Notes



 * Memory usage has been tuned for improved scalability.
 * PDF bookmark and link issues addressed.


 * FrameMaker 8 and condition expressions.
 * ePublisher can generate non-English source documents with English
   FrameMaker, as per ePublisher 9.2.1.
 * PDF page counts now reset correctly when applied conditions "shorten"
   source documents.


 * Word 2007 support has been added.
 * Improved handling of field level images.


 * Version 1.4.1 of the DITA-OT integrated.
 * Existing projects use DITA-OT 1.2.1 and may be upgraded to use DITA-OT 1.4.1.
 * Apache FOP upgraded to 0.94.
 * XMetaL DTD specializations integrated by default.


 * Microsoft HTML Help 1.x

   * Improved Popup sizing

 * PDF

   * Acrobat Distiller can be used for PDF rendering in place of GhostScript.
   * TOC/Bookmarks now behave correctly in merged PDFs.
   * Links for FrameMaker TOC and Index pages are now generated using
     either the GhostScript render pipeline or Acrobat Distiller.
   * Page destinations are now correctly determined in all cases.
   * Now properly handle certain PDF links which previously would cause
     generation failures of merged PDFs.

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * Improved Popup sizing
   * Bookmarks can be created via traditional browser methods in
     Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox
   * Search result display expands dropdowns.

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after research by Development::

  WWEP1433  Favorites tab is missing when WebWorks Help 5.0 help system is viewed
            in IE 7.0 (latest version)

            IE7 disabled saving of cookies to the "My Computer" zone.  I have found
            no way to enable this.  Same goes for IE6 post XP SP2.


  WWEP2511  Title Page of the CHM file refers back to default if you change the encoding 
            and locale in format settings to anything other than the default.

            CHM must be opened under OS running target locale for custom title to appear. 

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  WWEP612   Image Maps generated but not useful
  WWEP1997  If a word is found in a drop down, clicking on a search results link
            will not auto-open the drop down that is closed (Headings and Index
            in TOC)
  WWEP2365  Dropdown starting in a numbered list results in dropdown arrow
            on the wrong line *Fixed
  WWEP2380  Popup resizing works better with HTML Help, but still not well
            enough -- It isn't getting the correct DIV height
  WWEP2385  When you have conditional text is set to hide, in the output conditional
            texts is removed but the page count is still the same.
  WWEP2387  If there is a Drop-Down Hotspot applied to the bulleted list the
            drop down arrow comes out the next line.
  WWEP2411  Merged PDFs don't retain correct Bookmark structure
  WWEP2430  We cannot generate foreign languages in an English Machine.
  WWEP2451  Word Text Include fields are completely broken
  WWEP2476  Remove @id attributes from XHTML outputs (found on images)
  WWEP2493  Explicit Visible setting not retained for passthrough conditions in UI
  WWEP2506  Help menu errors -- Product Registration and Tutorial links are incorrect
  WWEP2513  If there is a font size with a decimal we dont round this value in
            Winhelp and this causes issues in the output.
  WWEP2514  In foreign languages index is busted, I have tested and verified with 
            Japanese Language.
  WWEP2516  Popups in Internet Explorer 6 is no longer works.
  WWEP2518  When you view WWH5.0 in Safari and FireFox the Next and Previous buttons
            of the browser does not work however, online Help's Next and Previous
            buttons work. 
  WWEP2519  Highlighting text in search results throws error in IE when result is clicked
  WWEP2520  Space in custom map file name is escaped, resulting in invalid HHP and CHM
  WWEP2521  Distiller PDF override results in incorrect linking from TOC
  WWEP2522  Cross references don't seem to be working in PDFs generated from Frame docs
  WWEP2523  Index is not being sorted correctly.
  WWEP2525  Frame Adapter creates two <Style> blocks within a <Table> element to
            hold table width
  WWEP2526  Tool adapter appears to be processing the MIF incorrectly; Content sections
            are printed in wrong order.
  WWEP2536  FrameMaker Tool Adapter failing on Paragraph Formats when writing
            WIF files on pristine Vista VM.
  WWEP2537  WIF generation fails when source document has images
  WWEP2541  Double clicking project file does not open ePublisher on Vista/XP
  WWEP2544  If you apply a color fill to some table body rows all the table rows
            inherit the color fill in the output.
  WWEP2546  Express should accept a Stationery via the CLI
  WWEP2548  ResampleWIF Pipeline Error Blocks Generation of Output
  WWEP2549  WWHelp API on Vista launch issues
  WWEP2550  Help documentation paths incorrect for non-English locales
  WWEP2551  Futura font causes FML corruption and data loss
  WWEP2552  Word 2007 support
  WWEP2553  Frame 8 Condition Support
  WWEP2554  Save As Stationery does not copy top-level Adapters and Helpers folders
  WWEP2555  Integrate Acrobat Distiller generation option
  WWEP2556  Enable .ditaval file settings per Target, Format
  WWEP2560  Enable {RD} field processing options in Word
  WWEP2563  DITA adapter should clear CLASSPATH
  WWEP2567  Variables with character formats not generating correctly
  WWEP2572  Integrate Printable Reports into mainline build
  WWEP2573  Provide UI control over WWHelp Cookie ID
  WWEP2575  Implement "wwtransform:super" resolution
  WWEP2577  Integrate manifest embedding into build process
  WWEP2578  Add product ID to webworks.com URLs
  WWEP2579  It looks like when we create the MapID's for JavaHelp 2.0 we also add 
            the *.html to the end of each MapID.
  WWEP2580  DITA links fails due to deeply nested file paths
  WWEP2581  Eliminate duplication of images during DITA preprocessing
  WWEP2582  Improve DITA structure processing
  WWEP2583  Integrate XMetaL DITA specializations
  WWEP2584  Upgrade Apache FOP to 0.94
  WWEP2585  Address PDF extension limitations in old DITA-OT PDF target
  WWEP2587  OutOfMemory exception thrown during Frame WIF generation
  WWEP2588  Reduce ID lengths to lessen impact of 253 character path length
  WWEP2590  Frame Adapter: Duplicate Key Exception
  WWEP2591  Add license attribution for DotNetZip assembly
  WWEP2593  Accented i characters  and  are reversed in output
  WWEP2594  ePublisher loops endlessly while processing "pages.xsl" in large projects
  WWEP2596  Versions to quarterly release format, i.e. 2008.1
  WWEP2600  Splash screen shows incorrect version and copyright
  WWEP2603  New targets should default to format name
  WWEP2605  PDF links in DITA sourced documents are lost
  WWEP2606  DITA-OT 1.4 fix for "out of hierarchy" topic files
  WWEP2607  DITA-OT 1.4 fixups and improved default styling