2008.2p2 August Patch


The August Patch - 2008.2p2 is made available as a full installer instead of as a patch to the previous install of 2008.2 If you downloaded recently, then you probably already have the latest build, and nothing is required.

Users can verify the correct build number by consulting the ePublisher 2008 release schedule.

Contact us at info@webworks.com if you encounter issues.

Fixed Issues

Defect Number Description Workaround Status

XML+XSL: IE7 with XML+XSL output does not render images in table cells

The HTML markup is valid. Saving the rendered HTML markup to a file and viewing displays as expected. This may simply be an IE 7.0 defect. This may also affect IE 6.0.



FrameMaker: FrameMaker emits non-standard MIF syntax for custom math elements

FrameMaker (both 7.x and 8.0) emit non-standard MIF closing statements for <DMathCatalog> entries. This irregularity results in incorrect parsing of the source MIF by ePublisher during translation to ePublisher's intermediate XML format (WIF). No error or warning is generated, though no usable output is generated (except for PDF).



All: Improper generation of output files when project path contains pound (#) characters

This issue originally surfaced when a user attempted to generate output with a project titled "C# Spec".



WebWorks Help 5.0: Inconsistent escape handling of URLs within the WebWorks Help runtime

This issue can surface in cases where help set paths reference Unicode characters or when those paths contain special URL characters such as "#" or "?". As "?" is invalid in Windows file paths, "#" is the only remaining issue.

NOTE: IE 7 reports "#" characters unescaped in JavaScript via the location.href accessor. Therefore, it is not possible to correct this error within the WebWorks Help 5.0 runtime.



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