ePublisher 2008.2 Release Notes

ePublisher Q2 2008 Release Notes



 * Stationery synchronization reliability improved


 * Correct processing of Structure FrameMaker documents with unique
   table structures
 * Support for FrameMaker's unique combined font feature, which expands
   support to more foreign language documents


 * PDF bookmarks now handle varying document page sizes and orientations


 * DITA-OT bug fix to enable proper nested <topicref> processing
 * Proper handling of multivalued attributes such as @otherprops
 * Support for <tm> element


 * Eclipse Help

   * Double-click viewing in Eclipse runtime
   * Support for Eclipse Help authoring features via markers

 * WinHelp

   * Proper handling of table column spans

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  WWEP2492 FileName markers are ignored if there is a image with
           "GraphicStyle" markers front of the FileName.
  WWEP2620 Some filename markers are not being recognized

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  WWEP561   Simple HTML not picking up background color page property,
            perhaps others are missing too
  WWEP2169  Cross-references leading to paragraphs with foreign text
            don't resolve in output
  WWEP2501  Oracle Help compiler and runtime need to be updated to latest
  WWEP2514  Unresolved links in certain foreign language documents 
  WWEP2609  Two anchors (pound signs) breaks context-sensitive references
            to subtopics on a page
  WWEP2618  Page Title empty when first paragraph on page has autonumber
            contents only
  WWEP2621  Bookmark not created when heading follows a page break
  WWEP2622  Bookmarks don't link to anything if landscape page exists
  WWEP2623  ePublisher documentation reports WebDAV implementation
  WWEP2624  Adapter doesn't resolve cross-references within text insets
  WWEP2625  Unresolved links - OK in FrameMaker, unresolved in ePublisher Pro
  WWEP2626  Cannot duplicate document -- Structured FrameMaker
  WWEP2627  TOC links do not drop anchor names when link is first on page
  WWEP2628  Scan documents does not report GraphicStyle attributes on
            FrameMaker frames
  WWEP2629  Patch changed Express settings
  WWEP2630  Some Helper applications are loooong outdated
  WWEP2631  Formatting in variables not converted correctly
  WWEP2632  Fix for browsers "back/forward" behavior breaks topic links to
            specific document locations
  WWEP2633  Fatal error in Conditional Expressions dialog
  WWEP2634  Links inside images do not always work
  WWEP2635  Disconnected text flows on body pages get ignored
  WWEP2636  Style Report incorrectly lists non-existant style overrides
  WWEP2637  Install/Uninstall slow - Install ZIPs, not unversioned files
  WWEP2638  New Format: Eclipse Help
  WWEP2639  Rekey, reversion for 2008.2
  WWEP2640  Upgrade JavaHelp 2.0 to latest runtime
  WWEP2644  Add support for CombinedFonts
  WWEP2646  Increase default memory size for DITA-OT
  WWEP2647  Trademark elements not handled for DITA maps
  WWEP2648  Marker content dropped from all DITA source documents
  WWEP2650  Implement link title markers for HTML formats
  WWEP2652  Table cell spans not handled properly for WinHelp output
  WWEP2653  Enable by-reference SVG inclusion in HTML formats
  WWEP2654  Image maps failing with marker only text boxes
  WWEP2655  Stationery sync fails in various situations
  WWEP2659  Problem with viewing highlighted text on WebWorks Help
  WWEP2660  TOC collapses and then re-expands
  WWEP2661  AutoMap email notification does not attach log file
  WWEP2662  Fix HTML Help header file inclusion for WhatIsThis header files
  WWEP2664  Tables rendering with extra cells (visible due to cell borders)
  WWEP2665  BOM emitted when doing wwmultisere:ReplaceAllInFile to UTF-8
            output encoding
  WWEP2667  Modify Help installers to install from wez files
  WWEP2668  Remove dialog for installing Transit menu from Automap and
            Pro installers
  WWEP2669  Ditamap scan not recognizing nested <topicrefs>
  WWEP2670  "Regenerate All" sometimes doesn't
  WWEP2671  DITA attributes with multiple, whitespace delimited values not
            processed correctly
  WWEP2672  "GraphicStyle" marker inside table, inside frame results in wrong
            WIF stylename

Includes fixed defects from the May 2008.1 patch::

  WWEP2525  Unresolved links - OK in FrameMaker, unresolved in ePublisher Pro
  WWEP2626  Cannot duplicate document -- Structured FrameMaker, ePublisher 2008.1
  WWEP2629  Patch changed Express settings

Includes fixed defects from the April 2008.1 patch::

  WWEP2611  Fatal error in Variables dialog
  WWEP2613  WebWorks ePublisher Pro and ePublisher Express cannot be open simultaneously
  WWEP2614  Eval and Expired keys used when Non-eval and Non-expired keys available
  WWEP2615  FrameMaker 8 "cannot connect" due to missing plug-in
  WWEP2616  DITA footnotes "lost in translation"
  WWEP2617  Improper handling of DITA-OT failures