ePublisher 2008.3 Release Notes

ePublisher Q3 2008 Release Notes



The documentation has been completely rearchitected and redesigned.
With this release, you can access the content in several forms:

 * docs.webworks.com

   This new Wiki provides all the product documentation content in Wiki form,
   where it can be extended and updated over time for 2008.3.

 * PDF files
   The Evaluation Guide, Design Guide, and Writer Guide provide complete
   information focused for the needs of each audience. You can get these
   PDF files from docs.webworks.com.

 * WebWorks Help
   When you click Help in the product, ePublisher displays a comprehensive
   help system that includes all the information from the books. The help
   also provides context-sensitive information and descriptions of each
   field on each window.


 * Adapter configuration: FrameMaker run-time version select
 * Improved control over FrameMaker process during startup and conversion
 * Workaround for FrameMaker crashes during large project conversions
 * Proper handling of escaped character sequences, e.g. \x13, when processing
   FrameMaker 8 documents


 * Adapter configuration: Word RD field behavior
 * Corrected an issue with Zapf Dingbats character set processing
 * Character style overrides applied at the paragraph level now identified
   and processed correctly in all cases


 * Adapter configuration: DITA-OT version select (1.2 or 1.4)
 * Upgraded DITA-OT 1.4 from 1.4.1 to
 * Correction to whitespace handling when processing a mix of nested inline
   and block level DITA elements
 * Proper identification of list item styles when content is inconsistently
   nested inside block level DITA elements


 * Wiki

   * MediaWiki markup and deployment
   * MoinMoin markup and deployment

 * Deployment
   Extensible deployment architecture controlled by ePublisher formats

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB15  ePublisher locks-up with FrameMaker documents containing
          PostScript code

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB5   FrameMaker crashes during large conversions
  EPUB6   Unable to cancel during FrameMaker startup
  EPUB24  PDFs show conditional text colors when created from
          FrameMaker documents
  EPUB25  Auto-map "Navigation Title" markers
  EPUB28  DITA link pool processing should breakdown links by type
  EPUB29  Update DITA-OT to 1.4.2 release
  EPUB32  Application titles impact usability - All "WebWorks ePublisher
  EPUB33  Change Format to Target for logical consistency
  EPUB34  Unable to share access to filemapping.prefs and deploy.prefs
  EPUB35  DITA JDK version check fails for certain JDK releases
  EPUB36  Symbol and Zapf Dingbats character map issues
  EPUB37  Eclipse Help viewer does not support   character entity
  EPUB38  Group level PDFs fail to preserve auto-rotate landscape pages
  EPUB39  DITA list item processing incorrect in certain cases
  EPUB40  Table column widths not preserved in output HTML
  EPUB41  Platform should share Deployment and Filemapping preferences
          per user
  EPUB42  DITA: Index shows "Default" in alpha list at top
  EPUB43  Add Input adapter configuration UI
  EPUB44  FrameMaker version selection
  EPUB45  Single application behavior fails when more than one ePublisher
          Platform application open
  EPUB46  Enable custom deployment development
  EPUB47  Wiki - MediaWiki
  EPUB48  Wiki - MoinMoin
  EPUB52  Extend page templates to support condition blocks and access to
          attribute values
  EPUB54  Update help docs
  EPUB57  Implement wwsetting replacement string
  EPUB59  Update handling of evaluation materials to use WEZ approach
  EPUB60  PDF view options not preserved in group level PDFs
  EPUB61  JavaHelp titles should be set in merge settings, not
  EPUB62  Printable reports show up as pages
  EPUB63  Remove unused Palm setting "palm-result-file-name"
  EPUB64  WebWorks Help 5.0 changes for WebKit support
  EPUB65  Update context-sensitive help links
  EPUB66  Missing automatic mapping of WhatIsThisID and WindowType markers
  EPUB67  FrameMaker 8 not handling ascii hex escape sequences properly

Includes fixed defects from the July 2008.2p1 update::

  EPUB2   Eclipse Help viewer locks Output directory
  EPUB4   Installer fails on "http" handler misconfiguration
  EPUB7   Oracle Help fails compilation
  EPUB8   JavaHelp fails compilation
  EPUB9   Evaluation stationery is broken for Dynamic HTML outputs
  EPUB10  Eclipse attribution missing from documentation
  EPUB11  FrameMaker "index out of range" errors
  EPUB12  FrameMaker 8.0 does not emit 7.0 MIF as 7.x does
  EPUB13  Invalid whitespace handling in output from certain DITA source
  EPUB14  Default filename markers take precedence over user defined filename
          markers in DITA content
  EPUB15  ePublisher locks-up with FrameMaker documents containing PostScript
  EPUB16  WinHelp: Table cells with multiple paragraphs not formatting
  EPUB17  Evaluation Express projects have incorrect path to stationery

Includes fixed defects from the August 2008.2p2 update::

  EPUB18  IE7 with XML+XSL output does not render images in table cells
  EPUB20  FrameMaker emits non-standard MIF syntax for custom math elements
  EPUB21  Improper generation of output files when project path contains
          pound (#) characters
  EPUB22  Inconsistent escape handling of URLs within the WebWorks Help