ePublisher 2008.4 Release Notes

ePublisher Q4 2008 Release Notes



 * Support for 64-bit Vista
 * Resolution for "dropped" filename marker issues


 * Complete rearchitecture of FrameMaker font/encoding handling to address
   internationalization issues for non-Westen European fonts/encodings

    * Symbol and Zapf Dingbats fonts
    * FrameMaker combined fonts
    * Symbolic fonts, e.g. Wingdings
    * Eastern European fonts


 * Workaround to ensure correct processing of INCLUDEPICTURE images in
   Word 2007


 * DITA adapter now correctly identifies and processes DITA bookmaps when
   the system identify is invalid
 * Increased the default processing timeout to support large DITA topicmaps
 * Configured DITA-OT to better support large DITA topicmaps


 * All

   * Pass-through support added for Paragraphs, Characters, and Markers
     (conditional text pass-through support still available as well)

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * Multiple word and phrase word searches working again
   * Client side support for localized search word breaking, resulting in
     improved locale specific search behaviors

 * Wiki

   * MediaWiki now supports deployment to the default namespace
   * MediaWiki image deployment improvements
   * MediaWiki image formatting now "does the right thing" by default

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB23   Simple HTML border controls enabled in Style Designer, inoperable
  EPUB85   Extraneous font information included in output erroneously
  EPUB95   FrameMaker 8 XREFs wrong in MIF

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB51   Page templates hard-code "_blank" target instead of using
  EPUB53   Pass-through support for paragraphs, characters, and markers
  EPUB56   Eclipse Help - Display localized "View" in place of "view.vbs"
  EPUB68   text-align attribute emitted in img style tag
  EPUB69   Escaped characters not coming out properly
  EPUB70   Help docs installed to the incorrect location
  EPUB72   Eclipse Help deploy doesn't work
  EPUB73   Korean search broken in WebWorks Help
  EPUB76   FrameMaker hyphenation is not suppressed when processing with
           FrameMaker 8
  EPUB77   Euro character mapping incorrect with FrameMaker 7.x
  EPUB78   Incorrect symbol mapping for FrameMaker 7 documents
  EPUB79   IncludePicture Fields in Word 2007 .docx documents fail to
  EPUB80   ePublisher missing 32bit flag for correct operation on 64-bit
  EPUB81   WWHelp API - Second displayed link in IE always fails
  EPUB82   WWHelp search results under Japanese fail to properly wrap
           hover text
  EPUB83   DITA needs to number all tables, figures, and examples
  EPUB84   Custom header file appears in HTML Help Content
  EPUB86   Audit mapping tables for FrameRoman, Symbol, Zapf Dingbats
  EPUB87   Eclipse Help child index entries not nested
  EPUB88   Filename markers not processed in all cases
  EPUB89   DITA sourced content does not respect @position attribute for
  EPUB91   Links in "child topic" entries all resolve to the first topic of
           the help system.
  EPUB92   Special characters in file names "&" result in CHM with missing
  EPUB93   Whitespace not preserved when processing DITA files
  EPUB94   Unable to handle paths with "&" in them in Microsoft HTML Help
  EPUB96   Update thirdparty projects/solutions to VS 2005
  EPUB97   ePublisher fails to create printer instance under 64-bit Vista
  EPUB98   MediaWiki client fails on image upload
  EPUB99   Simple HTML: Autonumber formatting incorrect
  EPUB101  MediaWiki images do not emit correct markup
  EPUB102  MediaWiki emits empty <span /> and <div /> tags
  EPUB103  MediaWiki - Unable to deploy to default namespace
  EPUB106  Numbering dropped in MoinMoin Wiki output
  EPUB107  XML map does not reference DITA 1.1 bookmap DTDs
  EPUB108  Default EXEC timeout too low for large DITA maps
  EPUB109  MediaWiki Deployment Fails with "Edit conflict" error
  EPUB110  Combined font issues with Korean source documents
  EPUB113  Shared topics in supertasks sometimes have multiple prev/next links