ePublisher 2009.1 Release Notes

ePublisher Q1 2009 Release Notes



 * Flexible, network-enabled licensing technology
 * Quick access to Format and Target customization folders
 * Improved performance when working with projects over network shares
 * Stationery now preserves user customizations separate from base files


 * Text inset processing now correctly handles invalid XREFs returned
   from FrameMaker 8


 * PDF bookmarks properly nested in all cases
 * Resolved invalid link issue for group level/merged PDFs


 * Improved style name mappings for DITA bookmaps
 * Lists within table cells now report correct level information


 * All
   * By-reference image handling corrections related to scaling and

 * WebWorks Help 5.0
   * Keeping pace with current browser security restrictions

 * Wiki

   * MediaWiki now correctly escapes all output (except for pass-through
     code, of course)
   * MoinMoin deployment improvements to handle secure wiki configurations

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB125  Popups included in search results for HTML Help (WWHelp?)

           See "Excluding files from FTS" at:


           Renaming popup page extensions was not possible prior to 2009.1
           due to defect EPUB131.

  EPUB127  FrameMaker text frames emitted in wrong order

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB50   PDF link button does not support localization
  EPUB71   Dead Links in PDF from Word source
  EPUB95   FrameMaker 8 XREFs wrong in MIF
  EPUB119  MoinMoin - Link titles with vertical bars '|' break links
  EPUB126  WebWorks Help 5.0 Index Navigation does not work in Firefox 3.x
  EPUB128  Security issues with WWHelp in FireFox 3.0
  EPUB129  Add target should automatically create unique names not based on
           format, e.g. "Target 1"
  EPUB131  Popup pages ignoring page style extension
  EPUB132  Emitting empty named anchor ()
  EPUB133  Reports - Add GetTargetReportsDirectoryPath to project extension
  EPUB134  Data - Relocate from project directory to temporary directory
  EPUB135  Incremental publishing from source documents not happening
  EPUB136  "collection-type" attribute not preserved
  EPUB137  "Regenerate All" should delete the Data folder
  EPUB138  Support DITA copy-to attribute in DITA-OT 1.4
  EPUB139  Errors in DITA source documents result in "empty" output files
  EPUB140  Text insets in Frame 8/9 break subsequent links (especially XREFs)
  EPUB141  Search for numbers returns no results in WWHelp 5
  EPUB142  MoinMoin deployment fails
  EPUB144  Cross References to structured element anchors broken
  EPUB145  WWHelp Display First missing "var" declaration
  EPUB146  PDF bookmarks from Word show incorrect hierarchy
  EPUB147  Syntax error in webworks.css
  EPUB148  AutoMap fails if unable to synchronize Express project
           with stationery
  EPUB150  Stationery - Overrides should remain seperate from base
           format files
  EPUB151  Client-side support for new licensing implementation
  EPUB152  Wiki code in the source document - prevent conversion in output
  EPUB153  Modifying graphic scaling does not eliminate translation of by
           reference formats
  EPUB154  Images improperly "translated" when by-ref processing is disabled
  EPUB155  FrameMaker table rows not honoring boolean expression
  EPUB156  DITA - Lists in tables indent too far
  EPUB157  DITA - Broken xrefs to section titles
  EPUB158  Incorrect heading levels reported in DITA bookmaps
  EPUB159  Xrefs to figs and tables in list items or paras go to containing
           element, not the fig or table
  EPUB160  ePublisher emits "text-align" for tables though control is missing
           from Style Designer