ePublisher 2009.2 Release Notes

ePublisher Q2 2009 Release Notes



 * Include/exclude files and groups per target
 * Specify filenaming patterns without XSL (supports page titles)


 * FrameMaker 9 support
 * FrameMaker 9 book handling features

   * Book groups and folders
   * Include/exclude support

 * Improved image processing speed and scalibility
 * Text inset processing defects corrected (improved since 2009.1)
 * Unicode variable processing (primarily affects Asian languages)


 * WebWorks Transit menu updated to avoid conflicts with Office Live
 * Resolved processing delay caused by the WebWorks Transit menu


 * All
   * Specify filenaming patterns without XSL (supports page titles)

 * WebWorks Help 5.0
   * Keeping pace with current browser security restrictions

 * Wiki

   * Confluence

     * Publish and deploy
     * Standard wiki markup
     * Supports CSS and complex tables
     * Wiki category markers

   * MediaWiki

     * Wiki category markers

   * MoinMoin

     * Wiki category markers

Invalid Defects


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB1    Installer rollback (after install cancel) fails to remove .wez
           expanded directories
  EPUB90   Mixed up texts in quick info of the German layout in ePublisher
           Pro and AutoMap
  EPUB140  Text insets in Frame 8/9 break subsequent links (especially XREFs)
  EPUB167  Trailing spaces in group names break WWHelp
  EPUB171  Preserve license info (contract ID) on upgrade
  EPUB172  Support for FrameMaker 9
  EPUB173  Phrase search failing with WWHelp 5
  EPUB174  "Image pipeline reports ""Image file not found''."" repeatedly"
  EPUB175  FM variable expansion incorrect on unicode characters
  EPUB178  Confluence Format
  EPUB179  Express - Target Settings dialog should be accessible when
           settings locked down
  EPUB181  Frame adapter maximizes FrameMaker during conversion of open
  EPUB182  Image processing - slow and often crashes FrameMaker
  EPUB183  WWHelp 5 - navigation icons not active in Safari
  EPUB184  WWHelp 5 - Invalid syntax in use for <noframes> elements
  EPUB186  JavaHelp 2.0 - Glossary fails for multi-word entries
  EPUB187  JavaHelp 1.1.3 and 2.0 - Links to first paragraph on page from TOC
           "studder" down page
  EPUB188  Word Transit bug causes increasing numbers of WW toolbars to
           display every time I open MS Word
  EPUB189  Hang during Word XP startup due to Word Transit menu
  EPUB190  License payload fails parsing version attribute
  EPUB191  Character \x1a is causing failure in FrameMaker conversion
  EPUB192  Prevent undocking/hiding of menu bar in ePublisher and Express
  EPUB193  Improve update/display of log window during conversions
  EPUB194  Enable match template extensibility in pagetemplate.xsl
  EPUB195  Support category/labels in wiki formats
  EPUB196  Enable custom file names without custom XSL
  EPUB197  Improve log window usability
  EPUB199  MediaWiki deployment hangs
  EPUB200  Target names and formats incorrect on target edit
  EPUB202  MultiSearchReplace exhausts XPath iterators/navaigators
  EPUB203  MoinMoin numbering missing from comments, related topics
  EPUB205  New project dialog layout incorrect in French, German, and Japanese
  EPUB210  Add new markers to Word Transit menu
  EPUB211  Auto-map behaviors for new markers
  EPUB213  AutoMap Format Settings Tab (Target Configuration Window) should
           be renamed to Target Settings Tab
  EPUB214  WebWorks licensing window needs a help button
  EPUB216  CSS files not generated for Confluence
  EPUB217  Support FrameMaker 9 books
  EPUB218  Default scan behaviors "unfriendly"
  EPUB219  MediaWiki deployment fails on https