ePublisher 2009.3 Release Notes

ePublisher Q3 2009 Release Notes



 * "Safe" upgrades for ePublisher Pro projects
 * Unified PDF deliverables via the "PDF XSL-FO" format
 * Linked targets (to copy PDFs created by other targets)
 * Workflow - Nightly project builds with AutoMap use same workspace as do
   Express and Pro
 * New "Start Page" with links to product guides and current news
 * Licensing - Client products no longer automatically unregister valid
   keys nor do invalid system configurations blocking product usage
 * Installers - Auto-uninstall and a reduced installation footprint


  * Option for lax DITA map validation (allow missing topic files)
  * Topic filename marker behavior restored (broken in 2009.1 and 2009.2)


 * XREF processing no longer invalid when generating PDFs in the same target
 * Table border extraction more accurate


 * Corrected a long standing issue with "Unable to Duplicate and apply
   settings" failures caused by system configuration
 * Transit - Squashed infrequent "Index not found" exceptions


 * All
   * Option to copy PDFs generated by another target


   * Style Designer can be used to control formatting in generated PDF files
   * Generates PDF files without PostScript, Acrobat, GhostScript, etc.
   * Enables unified PDF production (page numbers, TOC, Index) from all
     input sources (Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, OASIS DITA)

 * WebWorks Help 5.0
   * Improved support for right-to-left languages
   * Keeping pace with current browser security

 * Wiki

   * Confluence

     * Support for deployment to secure web servers (HTTPS)
     * Parser block markup corrections

   * MediaWiki

     * Deployment no longer stops after first deployment failure

   * MoinMoin

     * Support for deployment to secure web servers (HTTPS)

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB222  AutoMap - Reports success despite "duplicate and apply settings"

           This defect was fixed in the ePublisher 2009.2 release.

  EPUB247  Word Transit - Error opening any Word document

           This defect is a duplicate of EPUB252.

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB1    Installer rollback (after install cancel) fails to remove .wez
           expanded directories
  EPUB27   Create default directories and expand evaluation materials only
  EPUB105  Generation fails when output directory set to drive root
  EPUB184  WWHelp 5 - Invalid syntax in use for <noframes> elements
  EPUB198  Enable "safe" Pro upgrades
  EPUB204  Image width/height emitted even when option disabled
  EPUB224  Scan fails to update include/exclude status and displayed icons
  EPUB229  SVG kills MediaWiki client
  EPUB230  AutoMap - Missing resource string for Confluence deployment
  EPUB232  Express installer still says "Format Settings" which should be
           changed to "Target Settings"
  EPUB236  Cross References broken in FrameMaker when PDF generation is
  EPUB237  Licensing fails when MachineID exception is thrown
  EPUB239  Duplicate source files are ignored during project generation
  EPUB240  ePublisher unregisters itself and removes keys if server
  EPUB242  Rescan after missing file corrections
  EPUB243  JavaHelp emits invalid map entries
  EPUB244  HTML Help should automatically remap PUA characters
  EPUB245  Format: PDF from WIF
  EPUB248  Workflow broken - Data folder no longer shared between Express
           and AutoMap
  EPUB249  DITA - ePublisher should allow for lax link validation
  EPUB250  DITA output not preserving topic filenames
  EPUB251  Word - Duplicate and Apply fails due to WWWORD.DLL load issue
  EPUB252  Word - Transit menu throwing "index out of range" exception on
  EPUB253  DITA - Cannot enable @toc=no for topicref
  EPUB254  Add feed reader to Start page
  EPUB257  Pro and AutoMap should use Express license info by default
  EPUB258  FrameMaker - XREFs either fail in output or link to wrong file
  EPUB259  FrameMaker - Table borders do not match source document
  EPUB260  WWHelp - Incorrect TOC margin display when configured to use
           right-to-left languages
  EPUB261  Links broken in Merged PDF
  EPUB262  Last selected deployment location should be auto-selected in
           Target Settings dialog
  EPUB263  Eclipse Help - Add ability to configure manifest "Bundle-Version"
           via Target Settings
  EPUB265  Topic processed/emitted twice in JavaHelp map
  EPUB267  Tag equation frames in WIF
  EPUB268  Parser blocks broken in Confluence
  EPUB269  Avoid fatal exception in Frame adapter
  EPUB271  Improve handling of locked files during Stationery sync
  EPUB272  DITA - Performance of XML adapter on large DITA maps is not
  EPUB273  AutoMap fails to resolve job documents
  EPUB275  Project cache not loading and scanned components not updating
           in UI
  EPUB276  MediaWiki client does not complete deployment
  EPUB277  Group PDF Baggage File support incorrect
  EPUB278  Company Info Logo doesn't work in MediaWiki
  EPUB279  ePublisher installers should automatically uninstall previous
  EPUB280  Enable linked targets
  EPUB281  Add Conditional Expression support for AutoMap Jobs
  EPUB282  Large project fails to complete during image processing
  EPUB283  Merged PDF links missing or not working
  EPUB285  DITA - Ensure all colspec elements include @colnum attribute
  EPUB286  Wiki Deployment - Unable to deploy to secure webservers
           (Confluence, MoinMoin)