ePublisher 2010.2 Release Notes

ePublisher 2010.2 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * ePUB eBook format
   * Bug fix for "forgotten" XREF (cross-reference) formats
   * Bug fix for per target style synchronization
   * Separate "Use Numbering" controls for TOC entries
   * Improved support for version control systems through the used of
     relative relative stationery paths in Express projects and relative
     project/stationery paths in AutoMap job files
   * Crashing bug in ePublisher UI squashed

 * Adobe FrameMaker Support

   * Automatic "blessing" of FrameMaker connection now occurs during
     product installation

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * WebWorks menu now installs correctly under Windows Vista
     and Windows 7

 * HTML Formats

   * Proportional (% based) table cell widths

 * WebWorks Help 5.0 Format

   * Support for content indexing by web search engines
   * Empty project groups no longer cause TOC display issues
   * Direct open of content files in Safari now display correctly
   * Direct open of deeply nested content files now display correctly

 * eBook - ePUB 2.0 Format

   * Supports the ePUB 2.0 standard
   * Tables rendered using either table markup or paragraph markup
     to address ePUB portability concerns (table style option)
   * Resulting ePUB books validate with public "epubcheck" utility
   * Support for a variety of ePUB reader devices and run-times

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB226  Express Install - Vista pops a message regarding
  EPUB342  Cross-references lost following Stationery synchronization
  EPUB366  Incorrect label used in compatibility message
  EPUB367  Expanded Formats are left behind on uninstall
  EPUB368  Confluence does not deploy document css
  EPUB370  Default JavaHelp indexer path is broken
  EPUB371  Bless FDK connection during installation
  EPUB372  ePub Format
  EPUB373  Mimic executable should kill child process
  EPUB375  Word 2007 fails to resolve by ref images
  EPUB376  WebWorks Help TOC includes entries from groups with
           excluded source files
  EPUB378  WWHelp - Safari percent encodes "after hash" string
  EPUB379  Separate "Use Numbering" option for TOC entries
  EPUB380  Table cells with percentage widths
  EPUB382  Stationery Sync - Per target style settings not synchronized
  EPUB383  AutoMap - Allow and use relative stationery paths
  EPUB384  Express - Allow and use relative stationery paths
  EPUB385  MediaWiki - Company Logo and Bullet image paths incorrect
  EPUB386  WWHelp - Support for Google search indexing
  EPUB387  Package using ZIP extension
  EPUB388  Empty TOC - Use first generated page
  EPUB390  Rule selectors now available for all style types
  EPUB391  Crash Reports - FTI Grid Controller crash
  EPUB392  WWHelp - Deep direct links to pages break when > 2
           folder levels