ePublisher 2010.3 Release Notes

ePublisher 2010.3 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Variables can now be assigned to empty values
   * Stability improvements based upon user submitted crash reports
   * Improved installation behavior on 64-bit systems

 * Adobe FrameMaker Support

   * Session management improvements to avoid ePublisher crashes
     following FrameMaker crashes
   * Retry failed PDF operations following FrameMaker crashes
   * Extended timeouts to allow support for large, complex FrameMaker
     document operations

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * Correct handling of Word's linked paragraph/character styles

 * DITA Support

   * Now use the Java JRE instead of the Java JDK


   * Added support for title page creation
   * Added support for running headers and footers
   * Eliminated cases where invalid markup was emitted
   * Removed unused options

 * MediaWiki

   * Support for latest, greatest login API

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Information delivery format for the web
   * Suitable for desktops, smartphone, tablets
   * Leverages Internet services

     * Google Analytics
     * Google Search
     * Google Translate
     * Facebook Like
     * Twitter
     * DISQUS (hosted commenting solution)

   * Support for dynamically merged information modules and
     context-sensitive help
   * Must be served from a web server

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB266  Errors in Reports

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB369  Links wrong in FrameMaker generated index
  EPUB381  Missing by-reference image paths not reported
  EPUB402  XSLFO - Format cannot emit empty table-cell elements
  EPUB403  MediaWiki - New Login API is not supported
  EPUB404  Crash when building Recent Projects list
  EPUB405  XSLFO - Disabling IX generation causes error
  EPUB406  Suppress legacy format warning message in Express, AutoMap
  EPUB407  FrameMaker adapter does not handle "nested" character
           styles correctly
  EPUB408  ePublisher crashes when scanning for FrameMaker graphic styles
  EPUB411  FrameMaker: Soft hyphen handling results in empty character
           style runs
  EPUB412  MediaWiki: Thumbnail size emitted as floating point number
  EPUB413  Word: Conditions with cross-references to captions update
  EPUB414  DITA: Figure number/Figure link disconnect
  EPUB415  Cross References to Table Footnotes not going to the
           correct paragraph
  EPUB416  Use Java JRE instead of Java JDK
  EPUB417  HTML Help: Special URI characters in file paths break
           image display
  EPUB418  Unable to assign empty variable values
  EPUB419  XSL-FO: Duplicated id attributes causing failure
  EPUB420  Word: In-line character style fails in output for "linked
           paragraph and character"
  EPUB421  MediaWiki: Emit <br /> for LineBreak
  EPUB422  Express: Scan variables task causes null reference exception
  EPUB423  ePUB - Report images in tables rather than 'Doh!'
  EPUB424  Style Designer - Border properties "disappear"
  EPUB425  FrameMaker - Handle failures during file open and
           PDF generation
  EPUB426  XSL-FO: margin-left and text-indent properties omitted in
           fo markup
  EPUB427  FrameMaker: Timeout for operations is too brief
  EPUB428  FrameMaker: Beefy doc message prevents generation in Frame 9
  EPUB429  Reverb Format
  EPUB430  XSL-FO: Support for Title page and markers
  EPUB431  XML+XSL: Not emitting additional css classes
  EPUB432  Installer fails on 64-bit Windows 7
  EPUB433  FrameMaker: Unable to process XREF format containing
           special characters
  EPUB434  DITA - Styles always report as 'Body' inside table
           headers, etc.
  EPUB436  Error Report: Crash during Preview
  EPUB437  Error Report: Crash when cancelling scan in AutoMap
  EPUB438  Error Report: Crash in Deployment Editor
  EPUB442  ePUB - Remove invalid thumbnail options
  EPUB444  Document Designer Settings sometimes ignored