ePublisher 2010.4 Release Notes

ePublisher 2010.4 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Document Designer now displays inherited values
   * Headings used as filenames now properly escape special
     file system characters
   * Filenames - Replace spaces with underscores now accounts
     for group names
   * Breadcrumbs now behave properly in more cases

 * Adobe FrameMaker Support

   * FrameMaker 10 support
   * Encoding detection improved
   * Parsing issues corrected

 * DITA Support

   * Correction to style scanning operations
   * Graphics which use source document dimensions are no longer
     cropped when scaled (max width/height, thumbnails)
   * Table widths now honored during processing


   * Related Topics now processed correctly

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB410  DITA - Graphics are cropped when scaled
  EPUB435  Replace spaces with underscores broken across all formats
  EPUB439  Confluence - Impossible to suppress all external CSS files
  EPUB443  FrameMaker - Baggage links are not mapped to volume letter
  EPUB445  Page names based on Headings don't escape special file
           naming characters, e.g. slashes
  EPUB446  Eclipse Help always needs extension fragment in plugin.xml
  EPUB447  Breadcrumbs don't handle splits when first item is not
           TOC item
  EPUB448  PDF XSL-FO: Related Topics not processed correctly
  EPUB449  FrameMaker - MIF parser fails on inline PNG
  EPUB450  FrameMaker - Mif version detection broken in normalizer
  EPUB451  DITA - Style scanning fails due to
           "All DITA topics must exist" setting
  EPUB459  FrameMaker 10 support
  EPUB460  Document Designer does not display inherited values
  EPUB461  Page Templates - Import from file fails to resolve
           possible paths
  EPUB463  DITA - Table widths not honored in generated output