ePublisher 2011.1 Release Notes

ePublisher 2011.1 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Express workflow now directly accessibile from within
     authoring environments (Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word)
   * Document Designer now displays inherited values
     (Addresses defect in 2010.4 to fix this issue)
   * PDF link handling improvements for URLs and document to
     documents links

 * Adobe FrameMaker Support

   * Express workflow via WebWorks menu
   * Table rows now processed correctly when working with
     boolean conditional expressions
   * Correct processing of PDFs containing images referenced
     within text includes
   * Evaluation content includes index entries

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * Express workflow via WebWorks menu
   * Conditional text highlights now properly removed during
     PDF generation in all cases
   * Evaluation content includes index entries

 * DITA Support

   * Default styles improved
   * Proportional table column widths supported
   * Evaluation content demonstrates WebWorks specific features
     in DITA
   * Evaluation content includes index entries


   * Index heading now displays in the generated Table of
   * Image width/height parameters emitted correctly

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Support for Site Search within Google Analytics
     Previously, search terms and search start pages were not tracked
     in Google Analytics
   * Support for Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 with 
     compatibility views enabled

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB476  JavaHelp target attribute data not escaped properly
  EPUB478  FrameMaker: Cross references to table footnotes use
           incorrect autonumber style

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB460  Document Designer does not display inherited values
  EPUB472  Add index markers to all evaluation source materials
  EPUB473  Create DITA evaluation source with WebWorks content
  EPUB474  XSL-FO: table-column emitted incorrectly
  EPUB475  JavaHelp MapIDs not escaped properly
  EPUB477  Entering custom width greater than 9 on Border All tab broken
  EPUB479  Word: List of captions retains conditional tag color
  EPUB480  XSLFO: Page number doesn't show for index terms with only one
           page number
  EPUB481  XSLFO: Index heading does not appear in TOC
  EPUB482  XSLFO: Child of <cmd> element have extra spacing around word
  EPUB483  XSL-FO: external-graphic using the wrong width/height
  EPUB484  FrameMaker: Boolean expression evaluation is incorrect
  EPUB485  Eclipse Help: TOC entries don't link to anchors
  EPUB486  Create prettier default styles for DITA content
  EPUB487  Command character style should not map to monospace font
           by default
  EPUB488  XSL-FO: Background properties missing from Even Master Page:
           Body Region
  EPUB489  FrameMaker - Text includes with by-ref images show
           "gray boxes" with PDF format
  EPUB490  Image Transform does not set specified image resolution
  EPUB492  PDF - Dead URL links in merged, group-level PDFs
  EPUB493  PDF - Nested XREF links fail to resolve between documents
  EPUB494  ePUB - Table captions not displayed in all cases
  EPUB495  Reverb - Table captions not displayed in all cases
  EPUB496  Reverb - TOC entries fail to expand
  EPUB497  FrameMaker - Unable to generate PDFs when source documents
  EPUB498  JavaHelp - Links to first paragraph in topic do not open at
           the top of the page
  EPUB499  XSL-FO: instream-foreign-object should emit content-height,
  EPUB500  DITA - Support proportional table widths
  EPUB501  FrameMaker - Enable Express workflow within Authoring
  EPUB502  Reverb - Enable Site Search integration in Google Analytics
  EPUB503  Reverb - Fix IE8 Compatibilty view, IE7 support
  EPUB504  Word - Enable Express workflow within Authoring environment
  EPUB505  WWHelp - Consistent XHTML and Copyright update
  EPUB506  Word - Unable to process long linked paragraph/character
           style names
  EPUB507  Reverb - Reduce search hits on parcel pages
  EPUB535  FrameMaker - Unable to duplicate document related to text
  EPUB551  Images - Extension method update causes failure with existing
           XSL call