ePublisher 2011.3 Release Notes

ePublisher 2011.3 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Automatic TOC level detection
     - Using bookmark levels in FrameMaker
     - Using heading levels in Word
     - Using map structure in DITA
   * Page break priority optionally uses TOC level
   * Graphics - Optimize color pallettes for low color images
     (GIF, PNG-8, etc.)

 * Adobe FrameMaker Support

   * Preserve page rounding settings during PDF generation
   * Worked around FrameMaker 9, 10 crashes involving text insets
   * Detect cell row/column spans (straddles) in all cases

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * New processing path for Word 2007/2010 documents (.docx)
     - Optimized for .docx files
     - Performance improvements over previous Word adapter

 * DITA Support

   * Map level meta data now properly applied to child topics
   * Paragraph style naming improvements
   * Expanded list of default character styles
   * Localized index see/see also handling
   * Raster rendering of SVG images (if specified)

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Preview via local web server
   * Search additions
     - IIS search (behind the firewall search with Microsoft
       Internet Information Server + Windows Search)
     - Client-side search (behind the firewall search with simple
   * TOC behavior improvements
     - Eliminated "contextual TOC" and replaced with full TOC
     - Classic folder appearance and behavior
     - Still customizable via CSS and image file changes

 * Wiki formats

   * Confluence
     - Improved handling of sequential wiki parser blocks
     - List type control improvements
   * MoinMoin
     - Deploys to MoinMoin 1.9.* servers

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB440  Word: Process .docx files natively (Word 2007+)
  EPUB519  Word: Unusual linking behavior not supported
  EPUB525  Graphics: all UI width/height settings ignored
  EPUB555  Graphics: GIFs - Optimize color palette
  EPUB557  MediaWiki: Image linking broken due to "title normalization"
  EPUB558  MoinMoin: SVG markup includes quotes
  EPUB561  XSL-FO: Improve RunningTitle documentation, implementation
  EPUB564  XSL-FO: Better title page defaults
  EPUB565  XSL-FO: Title page text doesn't allow empty text field
  EPUB566  MoinMoin - Unable to deploy to 1.9.* servers
  EPUB567  Reverb - Better TOC experience
  EPUB568  Reverb - Link target attribute ignored
  EPUB569  Reverb - Cannot switch between toolbar buttons
  EPUB571  Formats should not allow nested anchors
  EPUB572  Confluence - Various issues, parser blocks, list types,
           inline formatting and escaping
  EPUB573  Zip - Fails if there are any missing files being added
  EPUB575  ePublisher - Parsing units hates leading decimals
  EPUB576  ePublisher - Automatic TOC detection
  EPUB577  FrameMaker - Text insets trigger FrameMaker crash in 9, 10
  EPUB578  FrameMaker - Table cell straddles sometime incorrect
  EPUB579  FrameMaker - Page rounding settings not preserved during
           PDF generation
  EPUB580  ePublisher - Crash when docking/undocking panes
  EPUB581  Disqus - Add firewall option to Target Settings
  EPUB584  WWHelp - Address security issues on file URLs
  EPUB585  WWHelp - Improve accessibility with JAWS reader
  EPUB586  JavaHelp - Horizontal table positioning
  EPUB587  PDF - Change name of layer from "WebWorks" to "Links"
  EPUB588  Index entries incomplete - JavaHelp 1.1.3, 2.0,
           and Oracle Help
  EPUB589  DITA - Index see/see also entries incorrectly displayed
  EPUB590  DITA - Use parent paragraph/character style for
           <p>/<ph> elements
  EPUB592  DITA - Report characters styles for sw-d/ elements
  EPUB593  DITA - Top-most map meta data not applied to child topics
  EPUB594  PDF XSL-FO - Not processing block and inline images correctly
  EPUB595  PDF XSL-FO - Default divider line colors from orange to
           black for TOC and Index
  EPUB596  ePublisher - Performance issue generating Reverb output
  EPUB597  Reverb - IIS Search
  EPUB598  Reverb - Client-side Search
  EPUB599  Reverb - Localhost preview server
  EPUB600  PDF - XSL-FO - Line breaks incorrect in preformatted
           text areas
  EPUB601  DITA - Failure rendering SVG images to raster formats
  EPUB602  Reverb - Do not redirect pages when file protocol detected
  EPUB603  Reverb - Multiline breadcrumbs improperly formatted
  EPUB604  Reverb - Browser history thrown off by socialization links
  EPUB605  Reverb - Support Google +1
  EPUB606  ePublisher - Page break priority follows TOC level
  EPUB607  Reverb - Allow spaces in generated page names
  EPUB609  WWHelp - Search word breaker not handling trailing periods