ePublisher 2011.4 Release Notes

ePublisher 2011.4 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * License handling corrections
   * Corrected image processing issues (quality and thumbnails)

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * Numerous corrections to DOCX document handling
   * Index "See Also" processing

 * DITA Support

   * Relationship table support for generic topics
   * Whitespace handling corrections for elements like <keyword>
   * Expanded default list types (<steps-unordered> and <choices>)

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * Improvements to support use with OS X's Mac Help Viewer

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Table of Contents expands top-level entry when there is only one
   * Now default to client-side search implementation
   * Search terms preserved for all search implementations
   * Corrections to Google Search and IIS Search implementations
   * Ensure Internet Explorer 7 compatibility

 * Other formats

   * Confluence
     - Enable deployment of wiki markup to Confluence 4.x servers
   * ePUB 2.0
     - Addresses validation issues reported by "epubchecker"
   * Oracle Help
     - Enabled support for associative links (alinks)
     - Fixed an issue with image maps

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB570  FrameMaker - Wif conditions from Frame are incorrect
  EPUB582  Start Page - Locks on DNS lookup
  EPUB613  Word - Review handling of .doc and .docx extensions on links

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB321  License keys persist when product reports "Unlicensed"
  EPUB337  AutoMap email authentication does not support SSL
  EPUB513  Crash when loading invalid format.wwfmt
  EPUB515  ePublisher - Crash during new project creation if invalid
           path characters used
  EPUB583  Oracle Help - alink: protocol not supported
  EPUB591  ePublisher - Target Manger allows all targets to be deleted
  EPUB611  WebWorks localhost - Add NoCache header to disable caching
  EPUB614  Word - Need to clean up Data folder expansions of .docx
  EPUB615  Word - DOCX adaptor incorrectly emits margin information
           for numbering
  EPUB616  EPUB - Markup validation errors in MiniTOC and Tables
  EPUB619  Reverb - Google Search fails
  EPUB620  Word Adapter - Number color applied to paragraph
  EPUB621  Reverb - Default search to client-side implementation
  EPUB622  Reverb - IIS Search fails with nested hierarchies
  EPUB623  Word Docx Adapter - Strike-through incorrectly emitted
  EPUB624  Word - w:vertAlign not handled
  EPUB625  FrameMaker - CellFill setting of None ignored
  EPUB627  Word DOCX - Index parsing drops entries
  EPUB628  FrameMaker - Fail if document contains tables and 0 table
  EPUB629  Word - External URL anchors dropped
  EPUB630  Reverb - Incorrect layout handling when TOC and/or Index
  EPUB632  Reverb - Exclude top-level group from TOC when there is
           only one top-level entry
  EPUB633  PDF XSL-FO - Setting table margins affect cell contents
  EPUB634  ePublisher - Caching imported files, e.g. Reverb
  EPUB635  FrameMaker - Plug-in uninitialization failure
  EPUB636  WebWorks Help 5.0 - Inconsistent load behavior in
           Mac Help Viewer
  EPUB637  DITA - Add support for <steps-unordered> and <choices>
  EPUB638  Reverb - Preserve search terms
  EPUB639  Confluence - Enable 4.x deployment
  EPUB640  Eclipse Help fails to resolve relative User Files
  EPUB641  Word Docx - Shading fomula for deriving web color incorrect
  EPUB642  WebWorks Help - Index sort thrown off by trailing tilde in JS
  EPUB643  Word - See Also index entries are broken
  EPUB644  Images - Creation of Thumbnails for BMP and PNG images fail
  EPUB645  Images - Larger resolution results in smaller images
  EPUB646  Reverb - Failure reloading when page displayed
  EPUB647  Word Docx - By Ref images not properly indicated
  EPUB648  Word - Failure on Shape Padding lookup causes image failure
  EPUB649  DITA - Not processing "topic" entries in relationship tables
  EPUB650  DITA - Incorrect whitespace handling of conferred
           <keyword> elements
  EPUB651  Word - Auto-TOC levels off by 1 in DOCX documents
  EPUB652  AutoMap - Missing project/stationery results in null
           reference message in log
  EPUB653  AutoMap - Failed deployment causes entire job to return
           as failed
  EPUB654  Oracle Help - Floating point coords values causes imagemap
  EPUB655  Word - Hiding conditions deletes them
  EPUB660  Reverb - Internet Explorer 7 not working (again)
  EPUB661  Word DOCX - Legacy REF field text not handled
  EPUB662  Word DOCX - Margin rollup for basedOn style is incorrect
  EPUB663  Word DOCX - Style roll up creates duplicate attributes in
           final style