ePublisher 2012.1 Release Notes

ePublisher 2012.1 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Customization UI to ease creation of CSS and page templates
   * Scalability improvements for memory intensive conversions

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * Optionally preserves Word changes bars in PDF output
   * Significant improvements to DOCX handling
   * Image processing corrections
   * Support for ThirtySix's SmartDocs conditions and variables

 * DITA Support

   * Filename markers handling improved
   * Support for <image> element's @scale attribute
   * Additional whitespace handling improvements

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * Window location now updates in Google Chrome and Apple
     Safari with expected previous/next behavior
   * Search hang after clicking "Go" corrected
   * Improved loading of bookmarked file system URLs

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Responsive UI improvements
     - Improved orientation detection
     - Font scaling issues addressed
     - Solution for displaying readable text whil preserving
       access to large images and tables
   * Preview web server finds better IP address

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB570  FrameMaker: Wif conditions from Frame are incorrect
  EPUB584  WWHelp - Address security issues on file URLs
  EPUB664  WebWorks localhost - Validate URL references
  EPUB668  Word DOCX - Suppress all margins for numbering
  EPUB678  DITA - Incorrect whitespace handling of nested inline
           elements (EPUB650)
  EPUB679  WWHelp - Search fails unless "Go" button pressed repeatedly
  EPUB680  PDF: Bookmark levels don't match online TOC levels
  EPUB681  EPUB - Validation errors in imagemaps
  EPUB682  WebWorks Help - Missing units breaks IE9 Standards mode
  EPUB683  DOCX - Table borders incorrect
  EPUB684  DOCX - Processing fails if the resource URI is mal-formed
  EPUB685  DOCX - Style inheritance doesn't heed off-state toggle
  EPUB688  DOCX - Include capability to process as DOC
  EPUB689  DOCX - Not processing Structured Document Tag elements
  EPUB690  FrameMaker - Table rows deleted when empty conditionals
  EPUB691  Word - Inline image dimensions clipped in some cases
  EPUB692  WebWorks localhost - Preview server picks wrong IP address
  EPUB694  EPUB: Cross references to table titles are broken
  EPUB695  FrameMaker: Callout numbering incorrect
  EPUB696  Allow bullet character style from Style Designer
  EPUB697  DOCX: Field values are being truncated
  EPUB698  DOCX: Incorrect table indentation
  EPUB699  DOCX: Add fallback for default font size
  EPUB700  DOCX: Allow generate-wif.xsl to be resolved per project
  EPUB701  DOCX: Override style formatting missing in hyperlink runs
  EPUB702  DOCX: Caps and small caps appear when they shouldn't
  EPUB704  DITA - Missing <sectiondiv> content
  EPUB705  Reverb - Links to destinations within same page fail to
           scroll page
  EPUB706  ePublisher - Use Adobe PDF printer if available
  EPUB707  Word - Provide option to preserve change bars in
           generated PDFs
  EPUB708  Word - Enable SmartDocs support
  EPUB709  DITA - Use @outputclass from <tgroup> to support FrameMaker
  EPUB711  Word - Support update confirmation dialogs during printing
  EPUB713  DITA - Need to pay attention to <image> @scale attributes
  EPUB714  Reverb - Drop buttons from toolbar when screen size too small
  EPUB715  Reverb - Extra whitespace at top when company info suppressed
  EPUB716  Reverb - Formatting issues under IE7
  EPUB717  Reverb - Responsive layout behavior needs to improve
  EPUB718  UI: Customization UI
  EPUB719  UI: Display and synchronize Style Designer with Preview
  EPUB720  Reverb - iPhone fails to resize when switching orientations
  EPUB721  Reverb - Google localization hover text "jitters" down
           the page
  EPUB722  DITA - Suppress automatic Filename markers when explicit
           Filename markers detected
  EPUB726  Reverb - Sizing issues with search results in IE
  EPUB727  ePublisher - Infinite loop caused by document size and/or
  EPUB732  DOCX: Missing images
  EPUB733  DOCX: Limit emission of the TextRun style blocks to runs
           with text
  EPUB734  WWHelp - Enable document URL updates for Safari, Chrome, etc.
  EPUB735  Reverb - Drop Index button before Search
  EPUB736  SmartDocs - WebWorks menu exception inserting SmartDocs
  EPUB738  DOCX - Duplicate markers