ePublisher 2012.2 Release Notes

ePublisher 2012.2 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Configure file comparision (diff) utilities for tracking
     project customizations (Designer Only)
   * Preview operates without JavaScript exceptions
   * Enhanced support for multiple, simultaenous AutoMap jobs

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Desktop support - can be used without a web server
   * Google Chrome - Works on the desktop
   * Microsoft IIS Search - stemming and alternate word
     forms supported
   * Back/forward history behaves as expected across browsers
   * Facebook Like works again
   * Feedback via email now reports specific topic even in IE

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * Back/forward history behaves as expected across browsers

 * Adobe FrameMaker

   * Scalability issue with large FrameMaker documents addressed

 * Microsoft Word Support

   * Transit menu now installed globally for all users
   * Improved tracking of link and field boundaries

 * DITA Support

   * Support for resource only topics (DITA 1.2 standard)
   * Auto-detection of TOC levels for TOC only paragraphs

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB665  Eclipse Help - View Output should launch the viewer,
           not the HTML file
  EPUB677  ePublisher - Add borders around Document Manager icons
           to smooth appearance
  EPUB728  Evaluation - Make it possible to reset Evaluation
  EPUB737  Reverb - Search results need responsive layout CSS
  EPUB749  MediaWiki - Disable additional CSS classes option
  EPUB752  MediaWiki - Deployment failure when filenames contain
  EPUB754  Reverb - Back/forward history buttons not working
  EPUB755  Word - MapPaperSize setting causing crash
  EPUB758  WWHelp - Remove "Show bookmark icon" Target Setting
  EPUB759  DITA - TOC Only paragraphs lack TOC level info for
  EPUB760  Reverb - Preview server lacks MIME type for PDFs (others?)
  EPUB761  Word - Underline overrides not picked up
  EPUB762  Reverb - Links must be inspected/disabled in reverse order
  EPUB763  Word - Breaking text runs too frequently
  EPUB764  DITA - Simultaneous processing issue in ANT operations
  EPUB765  ePublisher - Simultaneous processing issues with
           workspace clean up
  EPUB767  HTML - Border widths less than 1 always show as 1px
  EPUB768  Word - Ensure Transit Menu works for all users
  EPUB772  FrameMaker - Explicit cell background colors not honored
  EPUB775  Reverb - Mail links do not include file path in IE
  EPUB776  Reverb - Microsoft IIS Search does not detect alternate
           word forms
  EPUB778  Reverb - Facebook Like button not working
  EPUB779  Reverb - Baggage files getting displayed in standard
           page frame
  EPUB780  Word - Borders around inline images lost in DOC file
  EPUB781  Reverb - Enable use with file: protocol
  EPUB783  DITA - Topics marked "resource-only" should be excluded
  EPUB784  Reverb - Client-side search description creation may fail
  EPUB793  Word - Transit exception when opening documents from
           Internet sources
  EPUB672  Word DOCX - Load XSLT transform only once to avoid
           memory issues
  EPUB718  Designer - Customization UI
  EPUB750  DITA - Update xref numbering to match DITA OT 1.5
  EPUB753  FrameMaker - Out of memory error
  EPUB756  DITA - <foreign> element is ignored
  EPUB757  DITA - Glossary related links omitted
  EPUB766  FrameMaker - Snapshot time sensitive system variables
  EPUB769  Formats - Infinite recursion problem in gather links
  EPUB770  AutoMap - New Job Wizard, Next button not fully displayed
  EPUB771  Preview - Javascript errors in Designer document preview
  EPUB774  Customization UI - Configurable diff and editor options
  EPUB786  DOCX - Check IDs for bookmark conflicts
  EPUB787  DOCX - hyperlinks incorrectly created for ordinary fields
  EPUB788  WebWorks Help - Back button broken in IE
  EPUB799  Formats - Table width calculations can overflow
           recursion depth
  EPUB801  Reverb - WebWorks Help API compatibility
  EPUB802  Reverb - TOC/IX toggle does not resize iframe to 
           available width
  EPUB803  Reverb - Dropdown expansion doesn't trigger iframe resize
  EPUB806  Word - Cross-reference links broken in DOCX files
  EPUB807  ePublisher - Pass-through conditions lost in conversion