ePublisher 2012.3 Release Notes

ePublisher 2012.3 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Windows 8 Support
   * FrameMaker 11 Support
   * Improved support for high DPI configurations

 * FrameMaker
   * FrameMaker 11 Support
   * FrameMaker 11 Graphic Styles Support
   * Generic image attribute support (not just GraphicStyle, GraphicScale)

 * Word
   * Nested table processing in DOCX documents
   * Native Equations for DOCX documents
   * Resolved style processing mismatches in DOCX documents

   * Improved performance due ANT and XSL code optimizations
   * Improved scalability for large DITA maps
   * Parent/child relationship links correct when topics reused
 * WebWorks Reverb
   * Client-side search supports phrase and wildcard searches
   * In page links update scroll position in all browsers
   * Tooltips for toolbar and navigation buttons
   * Updates for Internet Explorer Compatibility mode
   * Updates for latest Google Chrome security changes

 * WebWorks Help 5.0
   * Scoring configuration no longer ignored
   * Wildcard searches honored when less than minimum word length

 * Wiki Confluence
   * Improvements to newline and indent/numbering formatting
   * Link processing now accounts for leading white-space

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::

  EPUB810  ePublisher - Filenaming pattern ignored when source
           document does not split
  EPUB814  Reverb: Remove reference to .ww_skin class in skin.css
  EPUB823  Reverb - Translate button not working in Firefox

Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB338  Higher system DPI renders parts of UI unusable
  EPUB703  FrameMaker - Not processing Image attributes other than
           GraphicStyle, GraphicScale
  EPUB796  DITA - Relations for parent/child links incorrect when
           topics reused in map
  EPUB797  ePublisher - Long delay launching Designer
  EPUB798  HTML Help - "Show Output" should use merge CHM if available
  EPUB808  Formats: Mini-TOC links don't check "first" links attribute
  EPUB809  Designer - Customizations UI fails to put icons for files
           without extensions
  EPUB812  Reverb: Add visited formatting for search links
  EPUB813  Reverb: Move Related Topics title styling in UI
  EPUB816  XSL-FO: background-image URI incorrect
  EPUB817  XSL-FO: Can't do empty header/footer string
  EPUB818  Core: Removing Style Designer style does not remove Target
           version of style in project
  EPUB820  FrameMaker 11 Support
  EPUB821  Word - Support for nested table processing in DOCX documents
  EPUB822  Word - Disallow DOCX processing in 2003 and earlier
  EPUB825  DOCX - Scanned style names differ from processed style names
           (case changes, locale specific changes)
  EPUB826  DITA - Cancel during duplicate and apply settings results
           in zombie Java process
  EPUB827  ePublisher - By-reference frame detection fragile
  EPUB828  ePublisher - Crash if network error encountered pulling
           Start Page data
  EPUB829  DITA - Links dropped if @type attribute unrecognized
  EPUB830  FrameMaker - Tables emitted without style names
  EPUB834  FrameMaker - Support FrameMaker 11 graphic styles
  EPUB836  FrameMaker - Ensure WebWorks menu available in different
  EPUB837  DITA: SVG peek fails on DTD load
  EPUB839  ePublisher - Report duplicate TopicAlias entries
  EPUB840  Reverb - Failure in IE9 when running in compatibility view
  EPUB841  Reverb - Flicker during page load due to resize adjustments
  EPUB842  TOC - Paragraph "bullet" options not processed for TOC items
  EPUB843  XSLFO - Multiple page styles (flows)
  EPUB844  UI: Override panel does not properly update renames
  EPUB845  UI: Implement Log Window config settings
  EPUB846  UI: Add visual clues (bold text) for edited settings
  EPUB847  Wif Normalizer fails to merge things in order
  EPUB848  WWHelp - Scoring configuration inaccurate
  EPUB849  DOCX: Update paths for broken linked images
  EPUB850  Word - Native equations ignored in DOCX
  EPUB851  Confluence - Leading space in link text breaks link
  EPUB852  UI: Add key press handling to Overrides Panel
  EPUB853  Formats: Links @first attribute not working
  EPUB854  Reverb - Implement wildcard and phrase searching for
           client-side search
  EPUB855  Reverb - Change entry point to file from localhost server
  EPUB857  Reverb - Tooltips for toolbar buttons
  EPUB858  ePublisher - PDF merge can silently fail with long path
           length issues
  EPUB859  Wiki Confluence - Font size not a valid property
  EPUB860  Wiki Confluence - Formatting issues with newlines and
  EPUB862  JavaHelp - Overly aggressive in escaping periods out of
           topic aliases
  EPUB863  WWHelp - Wildcard searches less than minimum word length
  EPUB865  Reverb - In page links to named anchors not updating scroll
  EPUB867  DITA - Slow style scanning and processing times
  EPUB868  Reports - Out-of-memory errors processing large DITA sources
  EPUB869  UI: Customization UI rename places node in root view
  EPUB871  XSL-FO: TOC entry in a table causes no output