ePublisher 2012.4 Release Notes

ePublisher 2012.4 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Crashing bug fixed related to new project creation while
     Style Designer displayed
   * Log configuration added to Express, updated in Designer

 * FrameMaker

   * Encoding correction when working with Asian language
     variables and cross-references (XREFs)

 * Word

   * Table header row support


   * Initial support for abbreviated-form element
   * Initial support for "use-by-reference" footnotes
   * DITA topic extension detection corrections
   * Marker types allow non-text content (images, inline elements, etc.)
     in marker values
   * XREF link text now preserved
   * Table descriptions available in output formats

 * Formats

   * META keyword support enabled for all HTML formats
   * Correction to dropdown processing code to close out dropdowns

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * URL commands to display TOC and Index (in addition to existing
     page, search, and context-sensitivity commands)
   * CSS classes defined to control formatting of Breadcrumbs,
     Mini-TOCs, and Related Topics elements
   * Layout and page load behavior improvements
   * Corrections for Internet Explorer rendering issues
   * Additional changes to accomodate Google Chrome file protocol
     security limitations

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB238  META keywords support missing from some HTML formats
  EPUB794  PDF XSL-FO - Missing FTI strings
  EPUB811  Reverb - Allow links to trigger TOC and Index display
  EPUB819  DITA - Support for abbreviated-form element
  EPUB864  DOCX - Add support for header rows
  EPUB872  Designer - Log window configuration control alignment
  EPUB882  Express - Add log window color controls to preferences
  EPUB883  ePublisher - Log Window configuration panel layout
  EPUB884  ePublisher - Crash selecting log font
  EPUB885  FrameMaker - Color tint support
  EPUB890  DOCX - Equations missing
  EPUB891  DITA - XSLT match error when assigning navigation titles
  EPUB892  Tool Adaptor - WIF optimization operations partially applied
  EPUB893  DITA - Marker types exclude non-text content
  EPUB894  Style Designer - Crash changing rule selection
  EPUB895  DITA - Xref link text ignored
  EPUB897  Formats - Dropdown settings ignored
  EPUB898  DITA - Extension discovery broken
  EPUB899  FrameMaker - FDK encoding issue with Variables, XREFs
  EPUB900  Reverb - Client-side search pair files not deployed
  EPUB902  Reverb - Update skin Fireworks and PNG files
  EPUB903  Reverb - Orientation resize issue with wide images
           and/or tables
  EPUB904  Reverb - Prevent page layout changes as social buttons
           load on small screen devices
  EPUB905  Reverb - Toolbar rounded corners show both rounded and
           not rounded in IE9
  EPUB906  Reverb - Google Chrome security issue on file protocol
  EPUB907  Page Templates - Fix performance/memory issue for attribute
  EPUB908  ePublisher - Log Window font too big
  EPUB909  ePublisher - Clean up file handling in image processing
  EPUB910  DITA - Add support for emitting table descriptions
  EPUB913  Reverb - Initial page load fails to scroll to in page elements
  EPUB914  DITA - Handle "use-by-reference" footnotes
  EPUB915  Dynamic HTML - Add CSS class to "Related Topics" label
  EPUB916  Reverb - Index layout should be defaulted in CSS
  EPUB917  Designer - Crash creating new project when Style Designer open
  EPUB918  Formats - Visited link hover states incorrect in IE
  EPUB922  Reverb - Additional CSS classes for Related Topics,
           Breadcrumbs, Mini-TOCs
  EPUB924  DITA - Topic merge operation fails due to code returning text
           instead of an attribute
  EPUB925  Images - By-reference frame detection sometimes wrong 
  EPUB926  FrameMaker - Unable to generate output with FrameMaker 7.2 
  EPUB928  FrameMaker - AutoMap may use incorrect string encoding for
           FDK calls 
  EPUB929  Reverb - IE specific resize code not updating 
  EPUB930  Reverb - Hash tracking on page constantly resets on IE7 
  EPUB931  WWHelp - Search words not converted to lowercase during
           initial parse 
  EPUB932  FrameMaker - FDK may ignore Unicode encoding request 
  EPUB933  DITA - Stack overflow error when excessive markers present 
  EPUB934  FrameMaker - FM8 fails to process document if color catalog
           entry missing 
  EPUB935  Word - Handle exceptions during XREF replacement 
  EPUB936  Word - Failure in Word 2007, 2010 processing canvas items 
  EPUB937  Word - Word crashes when performing SaveAs on large DOCX
  EPUB938  Word - Transit menu extremely slow processing markers 
  EPUB939  ePublisher - Typo in File Editor preferences dialog