ePublisher 2013.1 Release Notes

ePublisher 2013.1 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Performance improvements, primarily related to link processing
     changes in ePublisher 2013.1 formats
   * ePublisher AutoMap licensing improvements for server deployments
   * Removed migration options for Publisher 2003 and RoboHelp
   * Removed support for User Formats

 * FrameMaker

   * Equation rendering reliability improvements
   * Corrected processing behaviors related to FrameMaker 11

 * Word

   * WebWorks menu speed improvements for conditional text settings
   * Improved text-only frame handling
   * Corrections to SmartDocs processing behaviors
   * Numbering in DOCX documents now reports all available style


   * Support for resourceid elements as TopicAlias markers
   * Correction to marker processing which resulted in excessive
     memory usage

 * Formats

   * Scalability and speed improvements to link processing
   * Page template imports enabled for all formats
   * Dropdown "End" behavior added for paragraph styles
   * All link references to first paragraph on page target page only

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * MOTW (Mark of the Web) setting
   * JSLint validation of JavaScript code

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Skin Support - Improved layout and behavior across browsers
   * Skin Plugins - Choose from thirty-four, customize as needed
   * Side-by-side scroll regions for TOC and Index navigation
   * MOTW (Mark of the Web) setting
   * Social option for LinkedIn Share button
   * Search now excludes Related Topics entries for Google search
     and Reverb client-side search
   * Internet Explorer improvements (layout, context-sensitive
     link display)

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB508  WWHelp - Enable setting to control Mark of the Web (MOTW)
  EPUB800  Reverb - Email link triggers popup on file: protocol
  EPUB824  Reverb - Image/table overflow wrapper inhibits float property
  EPUB881  Word - DOCX does not export text-only frame contents
  EPUB896  Import and Migration Plug-ins - Kill them
  EPUB933  DITA - Stack overflow error when excessive markers present
  EPUB941  Word - WebWorks menu Conditional text dialog takes long time
           to open
  EPUB942  Word 2010 - Scanned style name mismatched with processed
           style names
  EPUB943  Reverb - Search title not localized
  EPUB944  Word - DOCX Table Background shading lost
  EPUB950  AutoMap - Server licensing
  EPUB951  Reverb - Infinite load on IE with context sensitive URLs
  EPUB955  Reverb - Exclude Related Topics from Google Search results
  EPUB956  Formats - Break out legacy formats
  EPUB957  Express - Project menu should not allow target management
  EPUB959  Formats - Internal links should check for @first attribute
  EPUB960  Reverb - Search fails to display in IE if no words specified
  EPUB961  FrameMaker - Certain equations fail to render
  EPUB962  Word - Inspection of shape for text ranges flips out
           Word 2010
  EPUB963  ePublisher - Remove support for User Formats
  EPUB964  Reverb - Enable setting to control Mark of the Web (MOTW)
  EPUB965  Formats - Link processing slow due to merge method
  EPUB966  PDF XSL-FO - $RunningTitle; macro expands to non-TOC item
  EPUB968  Reverb - Client-side search - First letter following line
           break dropped
  EPUB969  Reverb - Client-side search - Indexing Related Topics
  EPUB970  Formats - Page titles must account for empty, numbered,
           non-generated paragraphs
  EPUB971  Reverb - Ensure IE runs using latest engine
  EPUB972  Reverb - Enable parallel load of AJAX data from web servers
  EPUB973  Reverb - Skins and sidebar scolling
  EPUB974  Frame - Missing links due to changes in FM MIF (v9 versus v11)
  EPUB975  Reverb - Google Chrome fails to display page after
           max/min toggle
  EPUB976  Reverb - Add Home Button
  EPUB977  Reverb - Lightbox layout and appearance improvements
  EPUB978  Reverb - Clicking Mini-TOC and Related Topics containers
           fire link
  EPUB979  Word - DOCX documents report spurious whitespace style
  EPUB981  Reverb - WWHelp compatibility API not marked for deployment
  EPUB982  FrameMaker - NoHyphen being preserved as a control character
  EPUB983  Word - DOCX numbering not reporting all style attributes
  EPUB984  HTML Help - Need to map non-breaking space and hypen in TOC
           and Index
  EPUB985  Formats - Enable Dropdown "End" behavior for paragraphs
  EPUB986  DITA - Add support for resourceid element
  EPUB987  Word - DOCX preview fails on second attempt
  EPUB988  AutoMap - Admin crashing when run with non-privileged users
  EPUB989  HTML Formats - Table row and cell CSS stylenames not escaped
  EPUB990  Word - SmartDocs processing corrections/improvements
  EPUB993  Reverb - TopicAlias not resolving to specific paragraph
  EPUB994  Reverb - Social support for LinkedIn
  EPUB996  Word - PAGEREF fields not updating correctly
  EPUB997  PDF XSL-FO - Table cell padding support missing
  EPUB998  Formats - Enable Page Template imports for non-Reverb formats
 EPUB1004  Formats - Footnotes missing from table captions
 EPUB1005  Formats - Breadcrumbs links to top of page should not include
           anchor name