ePublisher 2013.2 Release Notes

ePublisher 2013.2 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Long path handling improvements, up to the Windows
     260 character limit

 * FrameMaker

   * Detection and workaround of 'soft' FrameMaker crashes
   * Additional equation rendering reliability improvements
   * Japanese encoding support corrections for FrameMaker 7

 * Word

   * Word 2013 (32-bit) support
   * Workaround for Word instability


   * DITA-OT 1.8 Support, including Apache FOP 1.1
   * Topic merge performance/memory improvements for 1.5 and 1.8
   * Support for <data> elements (processed as markers)


   * Page template improvements, avoids need to customize XSL
   * Default FO processor upgraded to Apache FOP 1.1
   * Scalability improvements
   * Merge Settings dialog support

 * WebWorks Help 5.0

   * MOTW (Mark of the Web) support for latest Windows 8
   * Popup sizing improvements
   * Correction to phrase search implementation

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Search word highlighting
   * Expansion of dropdowns for clicked links and search words
   * MOTW (Mark of the Web) support for latest Windows 8
   * Delays due to social functions (LinkedIn Share button and
     Disqus comments) addressed

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

   EPUB330  ePublisher - Reports failure for 260 characters path limit
            when not at limit
   EPUB950  AutoMap - Server licensing
   EPUB951  Reverb - Infinite load on IE with context sensitive URLs
   EPUB960  Reverb - Search fails to display in IE if no words specified
  EPUB1008  Reverb - External links not getting launched in seperate
  EPUB1009  Reverb - 'Corporate Grey - Compact' skin hardcoded
            "WebWorks Reverb" above TOC/Index
  EPUB1010  HTML Formats - Graphics should have vertical alignment
  EPUB1011  HTML Formats - Table dropdown support
  EPUB1012  WWHelp 5.0 - Popups fail due to JavaScript security changes
  EPUB1013  Reverb - Connect.asp does not expand "title" replacement
  EPUB1015  Reverb - Page redirect loses target anchor
  EPUB1016  Word DOCX - Bookmarks associated with wrong paragraph
  EPUB1017  DITA - Missing support for <q> and <lq> elements
  EPUB1018  MediaWiki - Image deploy fails on 1.19 and later
  EPUB1019  DITA - Support <data> elements as markers
  EPUB1021  Project file path FTI items button missing
  EPUB1022  FrameMaker 7.x - Incorrect handling of Japanese style name
  EPUB1023  Reverb - Client-side search not matching on Chinese words
  EPUB1025  Reverb - LinkedIn Share attempting to load on file: protocol
  EPUB1028  DITA - Character level structure processing incorrect
  EPUB1029  PDF XSL-FO - Merge Settings titles not used for Group and
            Project PDFs
  EPUB1039  FrameMaker - Image processing fails due to 'soft' FrameMaker
  EPUB1040  ePublisher - Regenerate All sometimes fails if Data folders
            open in Windows Explorer
  EPUB1041  ePublisher - Dumping WIF when nothing changed
  EPUB1043  ePublisher - XSLT logging methods should accept more than
            4 arguments
  EPUB1044  Apache FOP - Upgrade to 1.1
  EPUB1045  Apache Ant - Upgrade to 1.8 for DITA-OT 1.8
  EPUB1046  DITA - Enable DITA-OT 1.8
  EPUB1048  ePublisher - Style Designer layout issues when resolution
            at 125%
  EPUB1049  ePublisher - Crash reporter should report inner exceptions
  EPUB1050  ePublisher - Crash cleaning up override directories
  EPUB1051  Stationery - Snapshot file extension mappings to ensure
            proper conversions
  EPUB1052  ePublisher - Change default extension mapping for .xml files
  EPUB1053  HTML Help - Popup sizing needs improvement
  EPUB1054  WWHelp 5.0 - Popup sizing needs improvement
  EPUB1055  Reverb - Double-fire of socialization leads to Disqus hang
  EPUB1056  FrameMaker - Time-sensitive Variable Replacements affecting
            Text Insets
  EPUB1057  FrameMaker - Use Document Conditions fails for Show All and
            Boolean Expressions
  EPUB1062  Word DOCX - Documents rebuilt from scratch every time
  EPUB1063  ePublisher - empty.xml should not be completely empty
  EPUB1064  FrameMaker - Encoding issue when scanning Japanese styles
  EPUB1065  Word - Support Word 2013 (32-bit)
  EPUB1067  FrameMaker - SaveAsPostScript locked files crash and
            Windows 8
  EPUB1068  Formats - Page Titles should use TOC numbering option
  EPUB1069  DITA - Referenced footnotes emitting extra numbering
  EPUB1071  Word DOCX - Locale interaction with Style Alias processing
  EPUB1072  Reverb - Search word highlighting
  EPUB1073  DITA - Simple Table @relcolwidth attribute ignored
  EPUB1075  PDF XSL-FO - OutOfMemory error embedding SVG image
  EPUB1076  PDF XSL-FO - Scaling page/flow generation
  EPUB1077  Reverb - Update skins to support search highlighting
  EPUB1078  Reverb - Expand dropdowns if target hidden
  EPUB1079  Reverb - Prevent 'hover' artifacts on touch devices
  EPUB1080  DITA - Incorrect handling of <text> elements
  EPUB1081  WWHelp - Changing MOTW does not update support files
  EPUB1082  Reverb - Browser back button fails to display page with
            single quote
  EPUB1083  Evaluation - DITA sources using Windows file paths instead
            of URI
  EPUB1085  PDF XSL-FO - Translate color names to RGB values
  EPUB1087  DITA - Verify @copy-to processing
  EPUB1088  DITA - Verify @toc attribute processing
  EPUB1089  DITA - Scalability
  EPUB1091  Reverb - TOC highlighting fails for sub-entries on a page
  EPUB1095  DITA - Links containing spaces dropped by DITA adapter
  EPUB1096  ePublisher - Update app.config to avoid .NET 'XPath too
            complex' exception
  EPUB1097  DITA - Regression on navtitle attribute and element support
  EPUB1098  DITA - Footnotes ignored when inside inline (character
            level) markup
  EPUB1099  Reverb - Skin plugins should update with project run-time
  EPUB1100  Word DOCX - Page break hints pass through with incorrect
  EPUB1101  PDF-FO - Leverage page templates to limit XSL customizations
  EPUB1103  Reverb - Page width/navigation not restored after search tab
  EPUB1105  Reverb - Page not displayed when clicking Search result link
            in Chrome
  EPUB1107  ePublisher - Crash when report entry selected and report
            clears after update
  EPUB1112  WebWorks localhost server not showing previous output
  EPUB1113  Formats - MOTW fails to load on Windows 8
  EPUB1115  Word DOCX - Color 'auto' passed through during processing
  EPUB1116  WWHelp - Phrase search fails
  EPUB1117  Word - Retry operations to address Word instability
  EPUB1119  Word - Failure scanning source document if not open in Word
  EPUB1120  Word - Preview fails or behaves oddly when source
            document open
  EPUB1121  Reverb - Search word highlighting fails for Google and
            Microsoft IIS Search