ePublisher 2013.3 Release Notes

ePublisher 2013.3 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Deprecation warnings for unsupported or deprecated applications.
     For ePublisher 2013.3, FrameMaker 7.2, Microsoft Word 2003, and
     DITA-OT 1.2 support are deprecated.

 * FrameMaker

   * FrameMaker 12 support
   * Creation of boolean expressions in ePublisher
   * Option to force use of classic conditions instead of boolean
   * ePublisher AutoMap now supports boolean expression capabilities
     on par with ePublisher Designer and Express

 * Word

   * Links updates inside IncludeText fields
   * Image Maps for DOCX files


   * Hyperlink reference improvements

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Auto-completion for Search (Client-side and Microsoft IIS Search)
   * Option to include "Back to Top" in output

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB284   Wiki deployment support through proxy authentication
  EPUB1007  Oracle Help - TOC links (others?) not checking @first or
            using @linkid
  EPUB1024  Formats - Suppressing first link anchor removes link to top
            of same page
  EPUB1027  Formats - Suppression of @first link should preserve '#' for
            HTML pages
  EPUB1042  DITA - Conversions fail with projects located on UNC drive
  EPUB1060  FrameMaker - Option to force all documents to use classic
            condition controls
  EPUB1086  AutoMap - Conditional expressions UI
  EPUB1123  PDF XSL-FO - Handle tables with empty body rows
  EPUB1125  PDF XSL-FO - Missing match template breaks Page.asp
  EPUB1126  FrameMaker 7.2 - Encoding assertion during generation
  EPUB1127  Word DOCX - Table row heading detection missing cases
  EPUB1131  Reverb - Issue identifying origin when Reverb at site root
  EPUB1132  DITA - Figure and Table numbering incorrect
  EPUB1133  DITA - Preserve meta data during merge
  EPUB1134  Word - Pre-processing failure when fields deleted
  EPUB1136  WWHelp - MOTW not updated in multi-volume projects
  EPUB1137  Reverb - Stop words processed with trailing whitespace
  EPUB1138  PDF XSL-FO - Incorrect TOC data used for document level PDFs
  EPUB1139  Reverb - Search word highlighting tripped up by puncutation
  EPUB1140  Word - Nested IncludeText field content not updating properly
  EPUB1141  Word - Table borders not reported in all cases
  EPUB1145  FrameMaker 12 Support
  EPUB1146  DITA - ANT batch file mishandles quotes
  EPUB1147  PDF XSL-FO - Page properties ignored (background color)
  EPUB1149  DITA - Sax exception processing webworks-wwconfig.xsl
  EPUB1150  Word - Native PDFs emit incorrect canvas image maps
  EPUB1152  Word - DOCX image maps not working
  EPUB1154  DITA - Incorrect TOC level reported for topichead elements
            with navtitle
  EPUB1156  EPUB - Validation failure with epubcheck versions (3.x)
  EPUB1157  FrameMaker - Emitting table rows without cells
  EPUB1158  PDF XSL-FO - Simple link support for images
  EPUB1159  Reverb - Back to Top button
  EPUB1160  Reverb - Search as you type
  EPUB1162  Reverb - Resize jitter when loading pages with images
            and tables
  EPUB1165  ePublisher - Deprecation warnings
  EPUB1167  ePUB - Typo in book ID warning message
  EPUB1171  AutoMap - Targets not built should not require deployment
  EPUB1175  FrameMaker - Unable to render blank frame
  EPUB1176  ePublisher - Reporting errors when peeking image files
  EPUB1179  ePublisher - Temp files sometimes not unique
  EPUB1180  FrameMaker - Table row span validation
  EPUB1181  Word 2013 - Style scan failure
  EPUB1182  Word - Image rasterization performance
  EPUB1183  PDF - Long Unicode paths result in missing links
  EPUB1184  Word - Images added via cut/paste from Email fail to
  EPUB1185  FrameMaker - Extend retry scope on duplicate and apply
            settings operation