ePublisher 2016.1 Release Notes

ePublisher 2016.1 Release Notes



 * ePublisher Platform

   * Improvements

     * Video support
     * Cross-References now support "Use Document Value" setting
     * Scalability using 2016.1 formats
     * Support for <xsl:message>

   * AutoMap

     * Improved synchronization of multiple AutoMap instances during
       license updates and when processing FrameMaker source documents

   * Deprecated

     * Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista
     * Format - Microsoft Reader
     * Format - Palm Reader
     * Adapter - DITA-OT 1.4

   * Unsupported

     * Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP
     * Adapter - DITA-OT 1.2
     * Adapter - Microsoft Word 2003
     * Adapter - Adobe FrameMaker 6
     * Adapter - Adobe FrameMaker 7.2

 * Adobe FrameMaker

   * Video embedded in source documents processed automatically
     in 2016.1 formats
   * Conversion of FrameMaker hotspots to image maps
   * Pass-through of FrameMaker 2015 Right-To-Left processing hints

 * Microsoft Word

   * Verified Word 2016 support
   * Support GraphicStyle markers next to inline images


   * Video embedded in source documents processed automatically
     in 2016.1 formats
   * Scalability improvements when processing large DITA maps
   * Pass-through of DITA Right-To-Left processing hints
   * Localized labels for Tables, Figures, and Examples
   * Configuration switch to enable/disable draft-comment processing


   * Additional page types support (First and Last in addition
     to the existing Even and Odd page types)

 * WebWorks Reverb

   * Responsive image sizing
   * Workaround Google Chrome pushHistory bug with file:// URLs
     Backported to older format libraries 2012.2, 2012.3, 2012.4,
     2013.1, 2013.2, 2013.3, 2014.1, and 2015.1
   * Improved scroll behaviors on mobile devices with large screens
   * Dynamic 'Back to Top' implementation
   * Lightbox always used for large images
   * Fast display of content during background help module loads

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB353   ePublisher - "Use Document Value" option for
            Cross-Reference rules
  EPUB626   Word - TopicAliases and XREFs
  EPUB923   Images - GhostScript not processing paths outside of locale
  EPUB999   PDF XSL-FO - Other page types besides even/odd
  EPUB1254  Reverb - Nicer "Back to Top" implementation
  EPUB1258  Installer - Silent installation options
  EPUB1270  Reverb - Preserve toolbar at top except on small screen
  EPUB1313  Reverb - Provide progress during search operations
  EPUB1330  Formats - Page template code should support resolved-uri,
  EPUB1341  Formats - Responsive image sizes
  EPUB1344  Reverb - Dynamic image size in lightbox
  EPUB1375  Formats - Baggage file link in DITA to PDF ignored
  EPUB1400  Document Manager - Error dialog and file removed when
            rearranging duplicate files
  EPUB1435  Adapters - Enable support for RTL style information
            (Frame and DITA)
  EPUB1441  ePublisher - Warn when saving to same directory as .wep,
            .wrp, .wxsp files
  EPUB1446  Style Designer - Borders 'All' control not setting all
  EPUB1457  DITA - Emit parent and related link headers by default
  EPUB1464  Word - By-ref graphics from DOCX render without borders
  EPUB1466  EULA - change name of Pro to Designer
  EPUB1472  WWHelp 5.0 - Emitting two <br> tags where one will do
  EPUB1473  DITA - Recent itemgroup support conflicts with stepresult
            style assignment
  EPUB1474  Simple HTML - Fails to emit bullet text/images if paragraph
            lacks numbering
  EPUB1475  DITA - White space showing up in <menucascade> text runs
  EPUB1476  Formats - DITA table description not rendered in output
  EPUB1479  FrameMaker - Missing mapped characters on UTF8 to Unicode
  EPUB1481  Express - XREFs not updating during sync
  EPUB1482  Word - Assign GraphicStyle for InlineShapes with field
  EPUB1483  Word DOCX - Pass-through conditional text not escaped
  EPUB1484  Word DOCX - External hyperlinks in footnotes not processed
  EPUB1485  Word - Automation fails with RETRY message
  EPUB1486  PDF XSL-FO - Antenna House picky about @id attribute values
  EPUB1487  Formats - Page template attribute replacements not working
            for all patterns
  EPUB1488  Word - Cross-reference replacements for 2015.1 failing on
            certain patterns
  EPUB1489  FrameMaker - Variable formatting lost after fix for
            EPUB1418 in ePublisher 2015.1
  EPUB1490  Reverb - Search page always jumps cursor to end of input
            field when typing
  EPUB1491  Reverb - Workaround Google Chrome pushHistory bug with
            file:// URLs
  EPUB1492  DITA - Empty paragraph emitted when DITA select attributes
  EPUB1493  DITA - Mix of explicit and relative column widths render
  EPUB1494  Reverb - Page jumps to the top, stays there (cannot scroll
  EPUB1495  Tables - Percentage width calculations not applied to
  EPUB1496  Word DOCX - Failure resolving links between files on UNC
  EPUB1498  Reverb - Fails to highlight Asian search words
  EPUB1499  FrameMaker - Enforce single Adapter instance on machine
  EPUB1500  FrameMaker - Not detecting hotspots on imported images
  EPUB1502  WWHelp - Popup positioning sometimes off in IE11
  EPUB1503  Licensing - Ensure single process updating license files
  EPUB1504  Target Settings - Sort by localized group names
  EPUB1505  Workspace - Additional safeties for workspace cleanup
  EPUB1507  Manage Targets - Resizable dialog
  EPUB1508  Word - Option to preserve TOC, TOF, and Index fields
  EPUB1509  Word - Move from DOT to DOTM format
  EPUB1510  Reverb - Avoid triggering DOM events when sizing viewport
  EPUB1511  ePublisher - Video support
  EPUB1512  ePublisher - Distinguish top-level groups
  EPUB1513  Reverb - Enable content display while loading parcel data
  EPUB1514  ePublisher - Remove legacy code for FrameMaker 7 support
  EPUB1515  ePublisher - Missing formats after installation
  EPUB1516  Word - Process files in engine as DOCX only
  EPUB1517  ePublisher - Switch to C# WWHelp API
  EPUB1518  ePublisher - Ensure <object> tag explicitedly closed for
            HTML output
  EPUB1520  FrameMaker - Row spans incorrect after conditional rows
  EPUB1521  DITA - Upgrade DITA 2.1 from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2
  EPUB1522  ePublisher - Improve scalability retry logic
  EPUB1523  DITA - Improve scalability, performance by eliminating
            duplicate data
  EPUB1524  Formats - Improve scalability processing large source
  EPUB1526  Style Designer - Changed rule highlighting not always
  EPUB1529  Word - Verify Word 2016 Support
  EPUB1530  Word - Certain cross-reference links dropped during
  EPUB1532  Reverb - Address issues caused by inaccessible CSS
  EPUB1535  DITA - Handle linklist element
  EPUB1536  Word - Hiding conditional text removes link destinations
  EPUB1537  ePublisher - Recent Projects list not updating
  EPUB1538  DITA - Scale image width/height when only single dimension
  EPUB1539  DITA - Handle comma decimal parsing of image scale data
  EPUB1540  ePublisher - New project without documents has unsaved
  EPUB1545  Output - Prevent users from choosing the project folder or
            other special folders
  EPUB1546  Customization - Reset customization windows when base
            version changes
  EPUB1547  Reverb - Correct mini-TOC on click handling code
  EPUB1548  FrameMaker - Equations render to blank image
  EPUB1549  FrameMaker - Allow Save as PDF as production option
  EPUB1551  DITA - Link resolution failure when topics duplicated
            without @copy-of attribute
  EPUB1553  DITA - Unable to use DITA-OT pdf2 to produce PDFs for
            bookmaps with bookmeta data
  EPUB1554  PDF - Intermediate password protected PDFs result in empty
            output PDFs
  EPUB1555  FrameMaker - XREF updates to hidden conditional content
            odd in structured documents
  EPUB1556  Formats - Incomplete updates to invalidate character
            replacements in group names
  EPUB1558  ePublisher - View Log Directory
  EPUB1559  Reverb - Additional 'wwhelp.htm' entry points for WWHelp
            API compatibilty
  EPUB1560  DITA - Configure @print behavior
  EPUB1561  Word DOCX - Incorrect font assignment for East Asian fonts
  EPUB1562  License - Log client operations
  EPUB1565  Reverb - Lightbox image dimensions default to bitmap image
  EPUB1566  DITA - Configure draft-comment processing
  EPUB1572  ePublisher - Enable <xsl:message>
  EPUB1574  ePublisher - Add FLV player Helper
  EPUB1575  ePublisher - Add jquery Helper
  EPUB1576  Word - Unable to convert RTF source files
  EPUB1578  Word - Table Header rows not reported as such
  EPUB1582  Reverb - client-side search does not index auto-number
  EPUB1583  Formats - Add PDF Target Windows format setting
  EPUB1584  Formats - Paragraph and character style should support
            same properties
  EPUB1585  Formats - Add missing properties and FTI localizations
  EPUB1590  DITA - Localize strings from 'default.wwconfig' for table,
            figure, and example numbering
  EPUB1592  WWHelp 5.0 - Index display issue in MS Edge
  EPUB1593  DITA - Preserve table cell alignment specifications
  EPUB1595  Word - Break links to cid: images
  EPUB1596  Word - Prevent locked up Word process during image creation
  EPUB1597  Microsoft HTML Help - Prevent SVG images
  EPUB1598  PDF XSL-FO - Add $ChapterTitle; macro
  EPUB1605  ePublisher - Support processing in FIPS enabled
  EPUB1606  Adapters - Enable catalog.xml resolution for DOCTYPE
  EPUB1607  ePublisher - Miscellaneous fixes
  EPUB1608  Formats - AcrynoymTitle marker behavior and style incorrect
  EPUB1611  Reverb - Scroll to first highlighted search word on page
  EPUB1617  Confluence - Exception handling obscures page upload errors
  EPUB1618  Reverb - Overflow handling interferes with 'clear' setting
  EPUB1619  Reverb - Client-side search summaries cross page boundaries
  EPUB1620  License - Prevent Save As Stationery, Generate, and Preview
  EPUB1625  Express - Remove 'Allow Modifications' installer option,
            always enable
  EPUB1635  Formats - Google Search Bot interpreting JavaScript
            redirects as 301s
  EPUB1636  Formats - Warn when using unsupported format library
  EPUB1638  PDF XSL-FO - Adjust Java memory settings based on