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Style Mappings Migration

Style Mappings Migration

Last Modified: October 9, 2006

ePublisher Pro

The purpose of this article is to explain how to properly migrate Style Mappings in former versions of Publisher into an ePublisher Pro project.

Before migrating a project from previous versions of Publisher to ePublisher Pro, you will need to double check your style mappings. If the mapping in your previous version of Publisher is set to type "By Name", then there is a chance that not all of the Source Styles will migrate over to ePublisher Pro. You will need to manually reselect the WebWorks Style to be mapped and this will change the type to "From Template".

For example, in the graphic below notice that the Source Styles have spaces between the name and the number. If the current mappings are left to “By Name”, they will not migrate over into ePublisher Pro.

Graphic illustrates default mappings set to type “By Name”.

Reselecting Style Mappings


For each Source Style that is set to type “By Name”, select the WebWorks Style and reselect the same WebWorks Style name to change the type to “From Template”.



Change all styles set to type “By Name” to type “From Template”.

In ePublisher, Source Style names are placed under the Project Style names.