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Starting JavaHelp and JDK

Starting JavaHelp and JDK

Last Modified: March 28, 2006

ePublisher Pro

The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up your project and your system for creating a JavaHelp system.

In order to create a JavaHelp system, we recommend having the latest JDK installed on your machine. The JDK is offered as part of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). The link above takes you to the Java SE (previously known as J2SE) download page, from which you can obtain the current JDK. Installation instructions and documentation is available at this link.

After Downloading the J2SE(TM) Development Kit 5.0 Update 6 to your machine please be sure to do following:


The default Location for JavaHelp 1.1.3 will be C:\Program Files\Web­Works\ePublisher Pro\Helpers\javahelp1.1.3\javahelp\bin


Find JDK location setting. Enter the location of the JDK installation. The default location for JDK installations can be one of two places. If your hard drive is the C:\, then the installation can be placed at C:\Program Files\Java\[JDKInstallation] or C:\[JDKInstallation]. Where JDK Installation is named for the version of the JDK that you have installed.