Now Announcing ePublisher Splash Page Design

A training course for document creators who want to take their HTML content to the next level.

The splash page of any HTML document set is the first impression the audience receives for the entirety of the content to follow. In one glance, they can tell if what follows will be helpful or not. Bringing a splash page to the next level means making it more interactive and more informative for the audience and getting that first impression right. With a proper splash page design, the audience gets relevant information quick and easy making content more valuable. ePublisher Splash Page Design teaches a skill set to make the best first impression.

Custom Splash Page

To create ePublisher Splash Page Design training, WebWorks took the best ideas from our custom work and put them into one online training course. These ideas come from many hours of discussion and research over what audiences are expecting from HTML help sets today. WebWorks also looked at how to develop these features in a way that will allow them to dynamically grow with documentation and change with an audience's needs. The end result is a training course that teaches a skill set of features that allows anyone to design a splash page to make the right first impression and increase the value of their documentation.

Splash Page Training

Course Outline

This course understands that the "Post Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Era" has finally arrived. It takes advantage of new technology in the latest and most powerful browsers. It teaches how to use these technologies to create a powerful experience for audiences utilizing the most popular features requested in our custom work. This course teaches:

  • How to enable the splash page to handle adjacent (side-by-side) content. This design will "wow" an audience with designated areas within the page to show specific types of dynamic content.
    • Create an area for FAQs with links that navigate directly to the most relevant and latest content. Using the method of Topic Alias markers, these links will automatically update as source content evolves.
    • Create an area for important training videos. Place videos next to each other and make them visible on or off the page. Add in responsive design and now the area is capable of displaying properly on any device on any browser.
    • Add a general description area that guides an audience on the how and whys they should be on the splash page.
    • Specify links for related or hot topics to keep an audience informed.
  • Design a splash page that makes optimal use of any browser's viewing area without creating a hard-to-maintain and difficult-to-read HTML coding result.
  • The best way to integrate a Splash page's custom layout requirements alongside a Reverb 2.0 skin design.
  • How Reverb 2.0 and a browser resizes content keeping it accessible while providing an optimal experience.
  • How to build a working model that incorporates a content architectural design so and audience can discover how to use a product or service.
  • Learn how you can easily implement a standard interface for your users to navigate your online help content and get answers to their needs quickly.
  • Minimal CSS knowledge is required because this class will organize a CSS layout strategy for many different layout requirements.
  • Learn how to minimally use the browser's tools alongside ePublisher's UI to visualize the splash page.

Prerequisites and Pricing


  • Must be a current WebWorks customer
  • Applies to Reverb 2.0 outputs ONLY
    • If not currently on a Reverb 2.0 output, contact us to ask how you can switch
    • phone (887) 693-2967, email
  • Online delivery via Zoom Conference Tool


  • All courses are instructor-led
  • U.S. Dollar $550.00 per seat

Group rates are available. Contact us at (887) 693-2967, or email us at

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