Publishing Content From the WebWorks Wiki

Introduction to the Xml Adapter in ePublisher 9.3 Release and its flexibility for handling various input sources.

by Ben Allums
January 11, 2008

One of the more interesting aspects of the ePublisher 9.3 Release is the introduction of the Xml Adapter. By default, this Adapter allows users to generate output from DITA source documents. However, perhaps more significantly, it carries with it the ability to configure ePublisher to accept ANY input source.

To demonstrate this functionality, during RoundUp 2007, we showed the Xml Adapter publishing content from the WebWorks Wiki to WebWorks Help 5.0. It was our intention at that time to make this project available online. With this objective in mind, I've added a page in the RoundUp section of the WebWorks Wiki. This page includes the project I used to publish content during the Day 2 Keynote. It also includes instructions for modifying which WebWorks Wiki content is included in the project. This effectively gives you the ability to create your own WebWorks Help 5.0 help system, or any other ePublisher supported output Format, including ones you have developed, using content from the WebWorks Wiki.

In the coming weeks, I plan to publish a tutorial on developing a custom Xml Adapter from scratch. Stay tuned.

Uri Adapter.