Use JScript .NET instead

An introduction to processing content paragraphs with JScript .NET as an alternative to XSL in the ePublisher platform.

by Ben Allums
August 15, 2010

Exploring Customization with JScript .NET in ePublisher

The ePublisher platform, while primarily powered by XSL for processing, offers flexibility by allowing users to opt for processing items with any of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) languages. In a recent development, we have published a wiki article that showcases an ePublisher project demonstrating how to process content paragraphs using JScript .NET.

This project serves as an example of how you can utilize JScript .NET, a widely recognized scripting language, as an alternative to XSL for customization in ePublisher. By offering this alternative, we aim to break down potential barriers to customization, allowing users to leverage their familiarity with Javascript to enhance and tailor their ePublisher projects to their specific needs.

If you're curious about exploring new avenues for customization in ePublisher or are looking for a Javascript-based approach, we encourage you to check out the wiki article for detailed insights and instructions. Feel free to experiment and discover how JScript .NET can complement your ePublisher workflow!