Product Update - ePublisher 2017.1 build 2333 now available

A summary of minor enhancements in ePublisher 2017.1 build 2333, including Reverb Search Index improvements, baggage file location, and AutoMap command line options.

by Ben Allums
November 1, 2017

After releasing 2017.1, we made some minor enhancements that we wanted to make available before the next major release.

For users who have already installed ePublisher 2017.1 build 2306: The update to build 2033 takes only a few minutes and does not require a prior uninstall. At the setup prompt, just select the Update option.

With build 2333, you will be able to incorporate the following summarized enhancements:

  • Reverb Search Index Relevance handling now supports fractional values smaller than 1. By default ePublisher styles are scored with a relevance of 1, however with this improvement, baggage files and external links that get indexed will default to a small percentage of 1, making sure that they do not get artificially inflated due to document size.

  • Reverb Search Indexing of external links ignores duplicate links to URLs different only by the '#' at the end. This prevents indexing the same document multiple times just because it was linked multiple times with a different '#' target.

  • Reverb Search baggage info file can now be located relative to the first source document in the project. This is useful for CloudDrafts publishing and when maintaining different Express projects that use the same stationery but have different baggage files and external links.

  • AutoMap now supports new command line options for scanning to find new variables, conditions, and styles. This allows for scripts to detect variables and conditions that have not been configured in the Stationery or Express project.

For more information, please consult the release page and online documentation.