ePublisher 2022 Release

Quick article on our 2022 release. Our look into the future.

by Christopher Ward
September 15, 2022

Announcing WebWorks ePublisher End of Year Release

Progressive, Organized, Unthrottled


With the ePublisher End of Year Release, WebWorks provides the most advanced capabilities to publish and enhance the output. Nothing on the market comes close.

For DITA, ePublisher now uses the latest version of the DITA-OT, version 4.0, to open and read DITA files. This provides the ability to publish all topic maps that use the DITA 2.0 standard without having to configure plugins or manage complex code.

For Markdown, ePublisher now has even more options using our ePublisher Markdown++ enhancements that are backward compatible with CommonMark Markdown (Markdown used on Microsoft's Github website). Structure content with styles, reuse it with includes, and build context-sensitive help with markers embedded in the same Markdown standard files in use today. Also, ePublisher Markdown++ can include metadata, conditional text, variables, and the many powerful constructs that technical writers have been using and perfecting over many years.

For PDF generation, ePublisher now uses Apache FOP 2.8 along with ePublisher's powerful Style Designer to provide high-quality PDFs without the use of expensive layout design tools and desktop authoring programs. All the features needed to create professional PDFs with a point-and-click interface. Store them locally, put them on a web server, or bundle them with stylized ePublisher HTML5 Reverb 2.0 help output. PDFs will always be delivered to those customers who need them.

FrameMaker 2022 compatibility in ePublisher End of Year release. Advanced FrameMaker users will choose ePublisher 64-bit to take advantage of all the Framemaker/ePublisher benefits.

Runtime links and grid technology with HTML outputs. ePublisher End of Year Release also has advancements with HTML output. Customize the splash/home page to maximize messaging and pull in outside resources. A grid page to highlight training videos and runtime links to create a dynamic FAQ list. The only limit to what can be done to a homepage is left to the imagination.


The ePublisher End of Year Release has exceeded expectations for organizing online and packaged Help. In addition to runtime links and grid technology, we have also introduced a new feature in Reverb 2.0 called "Tabs". "Tabs" appear below the toolbar and serve as a guide for the audience. They help navigate content so that users can find solutions faster. "Tabs" are easy to customize and implement. Enable them in target settings, create a custom title for groups, and that's it. The published output will now have the slickest navigation tool for any document set. In smaller document sets, "Tabs" can organize specific sections. In larger document sets, "Tabs" can help navigate through all associated resources. Oh, I forgot to mention, the tab categories will also work as filters for search results.


What does ePublisher Unthrottled mean? This speaks to the fact that we are constantly pushing the envelope so ePublisher can handle growing document sets. As content is created, it is ever-expanding, and if a document set has to be dismantled into sizable chunks for it to be published, this can cause a bottleneck and more work. All 64-bit versions of ePublisher End of Year have had all throttles removed. No matter how large the document set is, ePublisher can handle it. The future of content is secure.