The ePublisher Designer component is used for designing, configuring, and maintaining the style and behavior of all your online formats at once within a single master project that systematically handles the deployment of your organization's shared stationery. As your business needs grow, this component makes it easy to propagate changes and updates throughout your entire organization. This component is only recommended for users involved with the creation and maintenance of your organization's shared stationery and who have received proper training in the use of the ePublisher platform.

Key Benefits

Multi-Channel Publishing - Create multiple format targets from within a single stationery to meet all your channel publishing needs (i.e., Web sites, help systems, printing, XML processing). In the future add additional formats as your needs evolve without restyling your stationery.

Full Styling Control - Selectively inherit or override every single layout and/or style property of your source authoring template using the built-in GUI, which is based on CSS2 standards.

Modify Existing Style & Behavior Control - Using the hierarchically organized built-in XSL files that constitute the complete publishing engine for each format, special requirements can be implemented in XSL or other standard scripting languages without creating complex migration and product upgrade challenges in the future.

Enable/Disable Online Features - Online features such as breadcrumbs, related topics, mini-TOCs, drop-down text, integrated PDF links, popup entries, and more can easily be specified using the built-in GUI.

Advanced Table Styling - Tables can inherit the styling and layout of your existing source documents or they can be easily modified to meet the special needs of your online publishing requirements.

Advanced Graphic Handling - Automatic scaling, resizing, maximum sizing, thumbnailing, and transforming of all your graphics can be easily enabled or disabled using the built-in GUI. All the graphic formats supported by your native authoring environment will be supported with the ability to transform them into any Web-ready graphic, including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Translation & Localization - Full multilingual text encoding and locale support can be enabled to target all your online readers throughout the world. This also includes full support for double-byte languages (such as Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese).

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