WebWorks Training Courses

Welcome to the world of ePublisher, where knowledge meets innovation. We're excited to introduce you to a range of specialized training courses designed to empower you with the skills and insights needed to make the most of ePublisher's capabilities. Whether you're looking to master the fundamentals, explore advanced features, dive into analytics, or enhance your HTML content's first impression, our courses are tailored to your needs. Join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment as we unlock the full potential of ePublisher together.

ePublisher 101

Explore the fundamentals of ePublisher Designer and Express in this comprehensive four-hour training course. Wondering why changes in your source content don't reflect in your output? Uncertain about the distinctions between targets and outputs? Seeking an efficient way to enhance your stationery? Look no further – this course is tailored for you.

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ePublisher 201

Dive into the advanced features of ePublisher Designer with our second training course. In four hours, we'll take you on a journey through the intricacies of ePublisher Designer. Did you know that within the ePublisher workflow, you have the flexibility to incorporate your own CSS? Manage cross-references, variables, and conditions effortlessly, no matter how they're structured in the source content. ePublisher opens doors to every facet of the creation process. Discover advanced features that can elevate your ePublisher stationery, ensuring you achieve the perfect output every time.

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ePublisher Analytics Training

Uncover the power of ePublisher's advanced Google Analytics tracking with our specialized training course. In four hours, we'll guide you through how Reverb 2.0 utilizes Google Event Tracking to provide profound insights into your audience's engagement with your documentation.

Wondering what we mean by engagement? Ever questioned the effectiveness of your documentation in assisting your audience? Did they find the answers they sought through search? Did your documentation meet their expectations? All these questions find answers through measuring your audience's engagement with your documentation, made possible via Google Event Tracking in Reverb 2.0.

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ePublisher Splash Page Design

Elevate your HTML content's first impression with our training course tailored for document creators. The splash page sets the tone for your audience's entire content experience. It's a brief glance that can determine whether what follows will be useful. Taking your splash page to the next level means making it more interactive and informative, ensuring that first impression hits the mark.

With proper splash page design, your audience gains quick, easy access to relevant information, enhancing the overall value of your content. ePublisher Splash Page Design equips you with the skills to craft that perfect first impression.

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