About WebWorks

Our Vision

At WebWorks, a division of Quadralay Corp., we are committed to delivering innovative, elegant, and best-in-class publishing solutions. In today's business environment, knowledge sharing and information deployment are crucial to success. We empower our customers to consistently, quickly, and cost-effectively deliver their information, helping them achieve their strategic business goals.

"Our mission is to empower the trustees of knowledge and information content (our customers and prospects) with reliable automation solutions. Quadralay is committed to providing world-class service, and enabling our clients to harness the incredible challenges and possibilities of the Information Age to which we are all witness."

-Tony McDow, CEO/Founder, Quadralay Corporation

Quadralay® Corporation

At Quadralay Corporation, headquartered in Austin, Texas, we specialize in building cutting-edge software solutions for content publishing and web-based applications. Since our incorporation in 1992 and successful graduation from the University of Texas' esteemed Technology Incubator (ATI) program in 1996, we have been at the forefront of developing solutions for the Internet and related web application programs.

Throughout our journey, we have grown and now proudly serve thousands of customers in more than thirty-five countries worldwide. Collaborating with numerous companies, we offer comprehensive solutions to complex publishing and information deployment challenges.


The WebWorks product line enables the automated delivery of online content in multiple formats, languages, and devices. We provide packaging and delivery of content into exclusive web applications designed for delivering online help using standard web technologies compatible with various web browsing devices. Over 2,000 corporate customers in 6,000 locations across 35 countries benefit from our WebWorks solutions.

WebWorks® ePublisher Platform

Quadralay Corporation leads the way in comprehensive, content transformation, and packaging systems to create applications for multiple electronic devices. Our flagship solution, the WebWorks ePublisher Platform, automates the conversion and compilation of source documents authored in popular formats such as DITA, Adobe FrameMaker, and Microsoft Word. It transforms them into web applications and other end-user formats like HTML, Microsoft HTML Help, PDF, and ePUB. Our pioneering web application, WebWorks Help, has become an industry standard for businesses worldwide. In 2010, we introduced our latest web application, WebWorks Reverb Help, designed to meet the specific needs of tablet computing and smartphone devices. Today, we are proud to present our newest application, Reverb 2.0, the smartest and most agile output we've ever created, delivering an unparalleled user experience across various platforms.

We invite you to explore our ePublisher platform and join us in shaping the future of information deployment. Together, we can unlock the potential of your content and make knowledge sharing seamless and impactful.